Actions provide a platform for users to extend ftrack. Native to the system, Actions allow users to tightly integrate processes such as generating reports, automate repetitive tasks, create file system structures and much more. These Actions appear directly in the ftrack web interface, making them seamless and easy to use. With any Action you can also customise parts of the UI and request additional information from the user before the Actions run (i.e. requesting an email address to send a report to).

Extend ftrack by downloading our sample Actions today, or easily develop your own custom Actions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download and install Actions?

You can download our sample Actions below (as Python files), or visit our Action repository on Bitbucket to see all available Actions that we share. We also hope that our ftrack community will share their Actions on our community forum.

A future release will support “one-click” install for non-technical users. In this first release you will need to configure the Actions in code (setting the server to connect to for example) and then either run them manually or configure them to run as part of Connect. Check out this quick Getting Started guide

Can anyone install and run Actions?

Yes, but only if they have a valid API key. API keys are used to control access to resources through the API. For example, it is possible to have an API key that can only perform read-only operations for general use whilst a separate API key might have full write permissions.

If you are developing an Action only for yourself, you can use your Personal API Key (Please note, this API key could have restrictions, it depends on what your ftrack administrator has allowed users to do).

Can I share my Actions with the community?

Yes, our goal is to make Actions easy to share. In this first release you can share your Actions on our community forum (you will need to register if haven’t already). In the future we are looking into having a more dedicated platform for this, both as a page on, and integrated into our products like ftrack and Connect.

Can I make changes to the Actions you have provided??

Absolutely. You can download any Action and customize it in any way you want.

What if I want to write my own Actions?

The framework for Actions was made with developers in mind and we’ve tried to make it a straight forward process to develop your own Actions. You can start quickly by using our Boilerplate code or customise one of our existing actions.

How will Actions evolve?

We have focused on getting Actions out to the community as soon as possible, so of course there is more great stuff to come including richer UI’s, easier install, Actions management for bigger companies and a platform for downloading and sharing Actions.

Sample Actions

Run these Actions “as is” or feel free to customise them for your needs.

Install your first Action

While we will have “one-click” install for non-technical users in a later release, in this first release of UI+Actions, it will involve adding a few bits of code (so the Action know which server to contact) and start the Action in a terminal for example.

These are simple instructions to install and run Actions for testing and personal use. For studio usage you might prefer to centralise your actions and manage them with something like Supervisor for example. Actions can also be configured to run automatically as part of Connect. To find out more chat to our support team.

  • Make sure our Python API client is available and set up. If you are working at a studio you might already have access to this, talk to your tech team. Otherwise you can easily download it from your server. Read more here.
  • Download you Action from our Code repository or community forum and save it on your computer.
  • Open the file and add the following just before “import ftrack”
    Note: this can be setup in many different ways, but for simplicity to get started with the script we’re adding it to to the file instead of a global environment setting.

import os
os.environ["FTRACK_SERVER"] = ""
os.environ["FTRACK_APIKEY"] = "YOUR_API_KEY"


  • Replace YOUR_SERVER with the name of your server, that is the name before if you are on our hosted servers.
  • Replace YOUR_API_KEY with a valid API key from your ftrack server, you can also use your personal API key.
  • Replace VALID_FTRACK_USERNAME with a valid username for a user in ftrack – it could be your username for example.
  • Open a terminal and start the Action.



You’re all set, your Action is now available on your ftrack server.

Get started developing your first Action

While we will supply you with ready made Actions you sometimes need to roll your own. Luckily it’s easy to develop your own Actions. You can base you action on one of our sample Actions or you could create your own from start to finish with our Boilerplate code

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