We’re excited to announce the release of our new Android and iOS app – ftrack Go.

With ftrack Go, users can take advantage of the power, perspective and organisational ability of the desktop version, but on the go. Our powerful cloud-based solutions, combined with the ease of use of a smartphone, has enabled us to further empower our users when it comes to always-on project management.

In the first version of ftrack Go we have focused on project management, giving you an overview of your assignments and the ability to easily change status, make notes and log time.

ftrack Go is like having an entire ftrack server in your pocket – you’ll never miss a beat.

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Planning, scheduling and media review will remain limited to ftrack’s desktop version. Outside of this, the ftrack Go app offers the same ftrack experience via a simpler, easier, and more accessible on-the-go interface.

This first version also renders best on a smartphone, but we plan to have ftrack Go scaled nicely on tablets very soon.

Sign in

Sign in with your server URL and follow the instructions. If you’re hosted by us (cloud hosting) you can just type in your site name e.g. https://sitename.ftrackapp.com. If you host the server yourself (locally hosted) you need to type in your full custom URL. Please note, iOS 9 is enforcing strict security settings, so your server needs to have a secure connection (https://) and a valid SSL certificate.


Assignment view

The Assignment view allows you to see all of your assignments and sort them by Due Date, Priority or Status. You can slide a card to the left to easily change status, log a timelog or start a task timer. Click on Card for more details about the task. Using settings, you can also change the way the cards are rendered.

Details view

Details view is a shared view that gives more information on tasks, other entities (like Folders or other custom entities) and Asset versions (coming soon). Here you can read and write notes, create a timelog, access more details about the entity and see latest assets published (coming soon).


Log time

Just as you can using the frack desktop version, you can easily log time using ftrack Go. The difference here is that you can log time wherever you may be – whether you’re scouting location or just heading out for a coffee.


Easily access your timesheet on the go. Click on a timelog to edit, or slide the card to the left to quickly access the tools menu. Here you can delete the timelog, manually add a new timelog for the same task, or start a new task timer for the same task.



You can quickly and easily browse all projects that you are currently working on using ftrack Go. All you need to do is tap and hold to bypass the details page, and you can directly list any children in the project hierarchy, giving you quick and easy oversight of your projects.


If you want to change the way ftrack Go works, you can easily access your settings via the app. You can change both the style and behaviour of ftrack Go, tailoring it to the way you most like to work.


What’s coming in the next version?

We’re already working hard on ftrack Go version 1.1.0.  In this version, you’ll be able to see published assets and play/view videos/images (not a review system with annotations). Users will also be able to see attachments on notes, and upload images and videos to new notes.

Next year we will also explore the potential of hosting full reviews in ftrack Go (or a native companion app). We are also investigating a wide range of other cool features that will significantly enhance the ftrack Go experience, such as being able to create entities and assignments on the go.

It’s an exciting time for ftrack, with your project management solutions now more deeply accessible than ever before.


App_Store_Badge_ftrack-go google-play-badge-ftrack-go

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