At ftrack, we continue to listen to your feedback. Based on what you’ve been saying, we’ve chosen to make some changes and improvements to the way client review works. They’re small tweaks, but will result in big changes to your review sessions!

More media access options

The creator of a client review can now decide if collaborators should be allowed to download the media they are reviewing or not. If given download access, collaborators can choose to download the original file or the version that has been compressed to be viewed in a browser.

Downloads media access

Alternate timecode display

The collaborator can now choose how time should be displayed during playback. This can be changed by simply clicking on the timecode, giving more options to the user.
The possible values are:

  • Standard (mm:ss)
  • Frames
  • Timecode (hh:mm:ss:frame)

Timecode ftrack review

Better fullscreen

Fullscreen mode has been improved. Fullscreen will now collapse notes and hide the playlist with the top bar to give more space to the player, enabling better, clearer review sessions.

A clearer ‘Add to comment’ button

It came to our attention that it was previously not clear how to save an annotation after drawing on the frame. In response to this, we’ve increased the size of the ‘Add to comment’ button and it it will also be highlighted as soon as a user annotates on the frame.

Add to Comment annotation

Improved version management

We’ve improved the way versioning works. Versions created by uploading files to the ftrack web interface are now created and named consistently. To make life even easier we’ve also added automatic version detection – this allows ftrack to detect the version number in the filename. For example, “” will produce the asset named “my-file” and create version number 3.

Your company is now the sender!

Any emails sent from ftrack to collaborators will now include your company name as the sender. Previously this was labeled as ‘ftrack’. By using your company name, you can be confident that collaborators won’t miss out on anything important by mistake.


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