Last month we caught up with learning and development agency Fulcrum Labs to learn about how ftrack helps them to effectively plan and organize the production of video and motion graphic lead training materials. At Fulcrum labs, ftrack is used by the entire team, from course curator to animation artist and everyone in between.

VP of production and operations, Christina Ferguson shares her tips on 5 ways to get started with ftrack.

5 ways to get started with ftrack

1. Plan and outline the project you want to build prior to starting the build. A lot of headaches can be avoided by knowing how you want to design the schemas and the statuses prior to creating a project. This is one of those topics that tutorials can help out with.

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2. Start simple! New users may feel overwhelmed when first starting off with ftrack because of the large number of features. But with the exception of team members who are building out the projects and assigning the work, most users can usually spend most of their time in the “My Tasks” board, which makes things a lot simpler as a first step.

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3. Watch tutorials to better understand ftrack, and re-watch them as many times as needed. That’s a great start to become familiar with the interface, which might otherwise put some people off wanting to use it and understand its potential.

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4. ftrack is easy to use, but takes time to masterHold weekly meetings with team members to discuss the different features and share experiences until everyone feels confident in its use.


5. Contact the team They’re super-useful and quick to respond with help. If you need help getting started, they have a live chat facility on their website and really go the extra mile to make sure you’re getting the most out of ftrack.


Try a 30 day free trial of ftrack today

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