We’re always looking for ways to make our software easier to use, more powerful and more useful to the needs of our users.

To kick things off the year, the team are working to revamp integrations with Autodesk Maya and The Foundry’s NUKE, adjusting the Planning & Studio Overview; and build the foundations for a new, streamlined front end for improved UX.

Read about these new improvements and more in the round-up below.

Integrations & publishing tools

ftrack supports a wide variety of applications within the VFX, design and animation community. We work to collaborate with the most prolific and proficient software brands across the globe.

We’re proud to announce three major updates to integrations with NUKE, Maya and 3ds Max.

You can now publish, import and manage assets with more clarity than ever before.


Building on the success of previous tools, we are now in the middle of our first major pipeline overhaul.

Starting with publishing in NUKE and Maya, we’re building a new set of tools with a goal to provide an approachable and intuitive user interface for artists to work in, while also being flexible enough that studios can tailor their experience.

These reconstructed publishing tools include:

    • A new interface to provide more control and better feedback for the artist
    • A toolbox for validations
    • More unification across different applications
    • The ability to load additional plugins, extending and customizing each project

Following the initial release, we will be adding support for 3ds Max.

Next, we plan to refine imports and asset management, so be sure to keep an eye on our blog for the latest integration news.

View existing integrations

Front end stack

ftrack is renowned for its simple, straightforward UI – but we want to do even better. We’re currently modernizing ftrack’s front end stack, providing improved interface components for users. More specifically, we plan to introduce enhanced overview and planning tools.

We’re remodeling the current resource selector to better suit the breadth of larger organizations so you can now pinpoint specific groups and the selector will narrow down to users within that group, no matter your company’s size.

Not only will you see this change in the next version of ftrack, but we plan to update the current interface too, so users can enjoy selector benefits as soon as possible.resource-selector

Customized Components

When building interface components, we focus on how they will improve user experience.

We believe in sharing our work with the community and empowering you to build similar interfaces, which is why we are making modifications to the ftrack core in order to allow this – as well as releasing many parts as open source.

Back in August, we considered the possibility of running custom widgets in ftrack and a JavaScript client for ftrack’s powerful API. Since then, we have released new open source projects for creating widgets.

Check out our full list of projects in the ftrack Bitbucket Git repository.

Clean, concise and customized; the ftrack new front end stack will revolutionize our user experience.

Planning & Studio Overview

We are happy to present a new studio overview and project planning tools, all based on your invaluable feedback.

We’ve designed new list and thumbnail views, and the ability to filter custom attributes which allows for more power and flexibility over projects.


Project card view


Project list view

Additionally, we will also include extra planning tools to handle rough project planning. These tools will focus on milestones and resource allocation, to ensure enough users are available to complete each project in time.

A summary dashboard will show up-to-date numbers on the studio’s current workload and overall capacity. This dashboard also provides a timeline view, allowing supervisors to quickly check which artists are working across projects, and even when members of staff are away on leave.


Summary Dashboard

Though currently in technical preview, the remodeled Planning & Studio Overview is scheduled to be publicly available soon.

On track again, and again

We’ll continue to enhance all elements of ftrack, monitor how users respond and discuss how best to optimize project management for the future.

With the post-production industry continuously changing, developing and expanding, you can trust ftrack is keeping pace, remaining at the forefront of the latest innovations in creative project management.