ftrack are firm believers in the open source model for development which is why we’re making several key components and extensions free to use, extend and modify.

For some time now, we’ve been steadily opening up more of our product development to our users. For example, our forum and our open Trello roadmap exist to encourage users to suggest and vote on feature requests. Furthermore, we support and encourage customization of ftrack via our flexible API and love learning how you’ve adapted the software!

To take things a step further, we have been contributing component projects on our BitBucket code repositories. By doing so, we hope the ftrack community can share, use and contribute to the development of these specific projects that can benefit everyone.

The team at ftrack are keen to continue down this path, experimenting with development through more open source projects as time goes on. As users go forth and tweak ftrack into their own made-to-fit solution, our team hope to gain invaluable feedback and reflect this in growing the software to become better, stronger and more flexible than ever.

Right now, we’re putting a lot of work into front-end components and working to build plugins for popular 3rd party tools.

Check out our current projects here

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