From our list of over 40 Git repositories on Bitbucket, users can checkout and/or fork our projects. In other words, you can download and implement ftrack components as is, or continue to develop these tools based on your own pipeline needs.

We are sharing a broad range of open source projects for users to explore:

  • Our APIs (javascript and python) can be used directly.
  • Integrations into Maya, Nuke, 3DS Max, Adobe suite, cineSync, HieroPlayer, Nuke Studio and RV can be used to extend ftrack’s out-of-the-box offer.
  • Convenience libraries to handle different Qt versions, Sphinx documentation extensions and more.
  • Component building blocks for creating ftrack widgets and user interfaces.

We also welcome requests for fixes or new features. Learn how to submit a pull-request for one of our repositories here.

How can ftrack users contribute their components for other customers to use?

It’s easy. Just ask us to merge your developments into ftrack by submitting a pull-request.

For example, one of our customers wanted an integration into Houdini. They ended up building their own, based off our open source projects. This Houdini integration is now open source itself and available to everyone here.