NAB Show 2017 attracted over 103,000 people to Las Vegas and true to form – presented a great snapshot of new trends and technology for the broadcast industry. With close to 2,000 companies exhibiting, we encountered some mind-blowing new product demos and got to keep up with the latest developments of industry standard software.

Amongst all the products and demonstrations we saw on our exploration of the show, here are a few highlights:

1. The worlds first 4k UHD stream from space

On Wednesday we were treated to a world first as NASA streamed the first live 4k UHD video from space. The live feed featured NASA astronauts Dr. Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer on the international space station joining panelists from 250 miles above Earth in stunning 4k UHD picture.

Co-produced by the NAB Show, NASA and Amazon Web Services, the panel was entitled “Reaching for the Stars: Connecting to the Future of NASA and Hollywood.” Discussions focused on how advanced imaging and cloud technologies are taking scientific research and filmmaking to the next level.

The demo worked as a great reminder to us all of how far technology has come.

The video is available on the NASA TV Channel and in both HD and 4K, or on their YouTube channel here.

2. Cezanne launch!


Cezanne is the latest product developed by – revealed for the first time at NAB Show 2017.

ftrack supports Cezanne with dashboards, spreadsheets, scheduling tools, lists, custom attributes and filter functionality. Additionally, files can be published from Cezanne directly into ftrack to streamline project organization and hierarchy.

Find out more about our Cezanne integration in our blog

3. Kino-mo Holographics

It’s not often you see high-resolution holograms hovering in mid-air, but it looks like the folks at Kino-mo have already perfected these assets for big brands like Apple and Coors.

Existing images and branding for each company was transformed into an eye-catching, engaging user experience, prompting hundreds of NAB attendees to flock towards the Kino-mo’s ultra-bright 3D video display.

Check out more from Kino-mo here

4. C4D Live


MAXON enjoyed their biggest year ever at NAB Show, featuring twenty different presenters and an ongoing raffle filled with high-tech prizes.

We got to enjoy a full four days of C4Dlive presentations and tutorials from leading Cinema 4D artists and designers. Topics included Blockbuster FUI techniques, Organic Shape Morphing and Projection Mapping for motion designers.

ftrack were proud to contribute! We were pleased to be able to support C4D Live with a bundle of ftrack licenses in their raffle, joining the likes of Red Giant, Videocopilot, Lynda and more great backers.

Catch up on the C4DLive presentations here

5. DJI drones… on the “set” of an action movie


In a unique creative workshop, DJI showed off their popular Phantom 3 drone on the “set” of an action movie. Everyone who watched or even participated in the workshop walked away impressed.

Not to mention, this year’s NAB was the first to feature DJI’s drone pavilion. A crowd of eager drone fanatics gathered to hear Eric Cheng, Jon Resnick, Patrick Weir and Randy Braun speak about their experiences and the industry’s development.

DJI also took the opportunity at NAB Show to launch a suite of new products, including the Ronin-M handheld camera gimbal.

Find out more about DJI drones here

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