ftrack integration specialists, Efesto Lab, have developed a new tool to help prepare media for production standard review. Simply generate QuickTime video with contextual information, logos, masks and more.

The desktop application will be available on Linux and Windows operating systems and is integrated for use with ftrack Studio, Autodesk Maya and Foundry Nuke. Output codecs currently supported: h264, h265, ProRes 442, ProRes 4444, NDxHD with more to come.

Demonstrations will be available on the ftrack booth (223) at SIGGRAPH 2017 from Tuesday, August 1st to Thursday, August 3rd.

A free downloadable demo is available on, for more information please contact [email protected].

Efesto Lab help small-to-mid size production companies to improve their workflow and productivity with scalable and distributed solutions by offering integration services for industry standard applications to production pipelines.