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To-do notes make it possible for supervisors and managers to add feedback to a project, folder, task or asset that require action in order for it to be marked as completed. The new to-do notes feature builds upon the strong collaboration tools available in ftrack, improving communication for creative teams.

Note todos 1

The author of a note can click on the new to-do check-mark button to add a note as an actionable to-do note.

Once the feedback has been actioned, a user can mark the note as completed. A notification of the completed to-do note will be sent to the author.

Note todos 6

Users also have the ability to filter and view tasks and notes that need to be addressed. This allows users to quickly locate any relevant feedback on their tasks.

Note todos 3

From the inbox it’s possible to view sent messages and filter out notes that have been completed or view any remaining.

Changes to to-do notes are available through Emails and the Activity feed, making collaboration in ftrack more efficient than ever before.


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