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Have you ever wanted to incorporate a custom workflow or integrate ftrack deeper into your pipeline? We have a network of experienced ftrack Approved Developers that can streamline your pipeline and customize ftrack to the way you want it.

In our second installment of ‘Meet an ftrack Approved Developer’, we caught up with Lorenzo Angeli
, a pipeline developer based in Barcelona, Spain on his experience with ftrack.

Can you tell us about your background and how you got into the industry?

It all started after studying for a professional VFX course back in 1998 in Italy. After completing the course and gaining some experience I became a VFX teacher and generalist for small commercials until 2006. I then moved to Rome as Head of Pipeline at Rainbow CGI for feature animations for two years, creating a multi-site pipeline for three movies.

Lorenzo Angeli

ftrack Approved Developer

I then had the opportunity to move to London to join Framestore for three years where I worked on major feature films as a Lead Pipeline Technical Director on Avatar, Prince of Persia, War Horse, amongst others.

I also joined Reliance Mediaworks (Digital Domain hub in London) for the development of a new multi-site pipeline and in 2013, I joined MPC as Lead Pipeline Developer to help maintain their legacy code, enforce development standards through code review and procedures, leading a team of 6 developers, mostly focused on the department’s development tools.

Since 2014 I’ve been living in Barcelona, Spain working for my UK based company Efesto Lab.

Here, I’m actively supporting the B’Ars VFX fair with presentations as well as trying to improve and support the local VFX industry.

What sort of services do you provide?

On behalf of my company, Efesto Lab, we provide custom development for VFX pipelines, integrations, and tools for the creative industry.

What have been the most challenging projects of your career?

Before I was introduced to ftrack, by far the most challenging project was to adapt and rewrite the in-house code used for Avatar’s production as part of Framestore’s pipeline department.

More recently, helping ftrack clients with full infrastructure setup, virtualizations, and full custom pipeline solutions are making these newer projects more challenging and interesting so far.

On what projects did you first start to use ftrack?

I was first introduced to ftrack in 2014 with Automatik VFX in Germany, helping them to setup and extend ftrack for the whole studio. I was later hired to customise it further with synchronization solutions for a multi-site facility.

Which ftrack customers have you previously helped with custom development?

Since 2014 we have been in touch with up to 50 ftrack clients, among which the most prestigious are: Trixter, Mackevision, LEGO, Post23 and many more…

How supportive have the ftrack developers been to your projects?

The ftrack team has always been supportive, helping us promote our tools and plugins and allowing us to be present in the major VFX tradeshows and promote us amongst their clients.

Availability and contact details

We’re able to work remotely to serve clients around the world. For on-site, we serve the whole of the European Economic Area. You can contact us via our website Efesto Lab or email info[at]