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Categorizing your project and organizing items into lists have been an important part of ftrack for many years. Whether it’s used to track tasks for an upcoming delivery, organizing the content for different cuts of a commercial or preparing a dailies session, lists are incredibly useful.

Different types of lists can be labelled using a managed set of categories (System Settings > List categories) and closed when no longer in use. Two new changes are coming to ftrack to further enhance the experience when working with lists.

Firstly; categories that are not used in the project are no longer displayed. This will give a better overview of your existing lists and the categories for you to use.

Secondly; Lists that are closed are no longer displayed by default. This can be toggled on and off for easy access to closed lists.

These two new features will drastically “cut down the fat“ when viewing lists and provide great additions to an already popular feature. We look forward to hearing your feedback when we start to roll this out over the next few weeks.

Pro tip: Since ftrack 3.5.12 you can see what list an item is part of from the Sidebar and the Tasks Spreadsheet.