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ftrack Review is a new collaborative cloud-based application that helps content creators efficiently communicate feedback on digital media with team members and clients. Media is securely uploaded to the cloud for easy sharing of review sessions. Clients join a review session using a unique URL that’s sent to their email address and can easily provide feedback by annotating directly on to the media and writing comments which are timestamped to that specific frame. Say goodbye to endless email threads. All feedback is done entirely inside ftrack Review. As all comments are in context, communication is efficient and eradicates any confusion or misunderstanding.

New additions to ftrack Review Beta

New media player: Annotations and comments are now marked on a timeline for easy access to see the notes in context with the frame.
Multi-page PDF: PDF files with more than one page are supported by the review player to view each page as a still frame.
Internal reviews: Team members can now use the same collaborate review features seen in client review for internal reviews.
Timecode options: Media can now be viewed by frame count, timecode or standard MM:SS time.
Storage capacity: Users can now easily see the capacity of storage remaining and the file size of each item of media for improved storage management.
Dark theme: Based on the overwhelming feedback of Beta users, the dark theme is now displayed as default. Users can switch to the light theme in application settings if desired.

Review Beta Sign up

We’re continually adding new features to ftrack Review Beta as we near its release in early 2019, so be sure to check in often to try out the new capabilities.

All of these great new features in ftrack Review will transition to ftrack Studio shortly after the commercial release. There’s still time to sign up to the free Beta to start using Review today.