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As the ftrack userbase expands, so does the demand for around-the-clock customer support. We’re proud of our exceptional support team and are happy to share our newest team member, Johan Prydz, Support Manager based in Stockholm, Sweden – sharing his background in corporate IT before making the transition to the world of Media & Entertainment with ftrack.

Can you explain your role at ftrack, what are your main responsibilities as Support Manager?
My daily responsibilities involve assisting customers with questions and queries that they have about our products. It’s imperative we answer those questions in a timely manner, no matter where the customer is in the world. Besides support queries, we write a variety of user guides to highlight new features in an easy to understand language and make sure our customers can find the information they need easily. Another large part of my role is to carry out product demos to show how they can benefit from using ftrack in their workflow.

Johan Prydz

Support Manager

What do you enjoy most about your role?
It’s always nice to hear how our customers are using our products. It’s eye-opening to see the different ways that it’s being used. The variety of possibilities that can be achieved by customizing ftrack to suit their needs demonstrates how flexible ftrack is.

What’s surprising is the variety of unique questions we receive on a daily basis. For me, it’s a sign of how creative our users are when coming up with new ways of using ftrack for different mediums than originally intended. As ftrack Studio is quite vast in its toolset, there are many configurations and workflows to mould it into the way you want it to work. At the same time, we receive very useful feedback on new enhancements to then implement into the product.

What is your background prior to joining ftrack?
When I started in the IT business I worked with infrastructure products, such as different server operating systems, mail systems, and networks. The last eight years I’ve been working for a company where we developed products for identity management, access management, and security.

During my years in IT, I have always been working with assistance to those using the products, helping out with the questions that arise both technically and more general.

What attracted you to working with ftrack?
I really like the structure of the product and how it’s laid out. What strikes me at first impression is how clean and minimalist it can appear, but when you go “under the hood” you can see how powerful it can be. What attracted to me the most the opportunity to work with a team that’s incredibly talented with a “can-do” attitude is just a great feeling.

What are you most proud of in your career?
Working together with skilled colleagues to solve the issues that arise. I’ve been part of many support organisations and feel proud of the teamwork that was required to effectively assist customers in tricky situations – it’s incredibly satisfying.

What tip would you give to people picking up ftrack for the first time?
I highly recommend taking a look at the user guides and videos we have available in our help pages.

ftrack FAQ
Using ftrack Studio

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

What are your hobbies outside of work?
In my free time, I like to be close with nature, walking and cycling. In the winter time, I try to do some ice skating on the lakes. Me and my wife also enjoy travelling, so we try to visit exciting places to experience their culture and meet new people. I visit whiskey distilleries as often as I can, from small local ones in Sweden to the legendary distilleries in Scotland.