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ftrack Review’s March 2022 update is available today. The update introduces a new layout that allows for more intuitive control from within the media review interface. Explore ftrack Review today for easier access to useful settings, improved zoom controls, and the ability to mute all when playing media.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect in the ftrack Review March 2022 update. You can find more details below.

  1. Three new tabs added to the right-hand sidebar (Approvals, Settings, and Share this Review).
  2. Asset information section moved from the top left to the bottom left as part of the updated horizontal playlist.
  3. Guests now have access to the Approvals and Playlists tabs. (Only logged-in users have access to Settings and Share.)
  4. Choose whether or not to group related versions in the playlist.
  5. Compare mode moved to a dedicated button on the toolbar.
  6. Added on-screen zoom controls.
  7. Added a new “mute all” function to control audio on video playback for all participants.

Please note: the link to Manage This Review has been removed as it is no longer required. You can now handle all review management via the Settings tab.

PDF output is still available. You can access PDF output via the Review card in the Project menu. Just select PDF via the “3-dot” menu on the upper-right of the card.

You can read the full release notes here.

Settings, Approvals, and Share this Review

Three new tabs are now available via the right-hand sidebar in your ftrack Review interface: Settings, Share this Review, and Approvals. Review guests now also have access to the Approvals and Playlist tabs in the sidebar, but only logged-in users have access to the Settings and Share tabs.

Settings: The Settings tab gives logged-in users access to functionality previously only accessible via the Manage Review section. Now you can update all review settings from inside the review without leaving the ftrack Review interface. Options include instantly activating/deactivating passphrase protection or media download permissions.

Share this Review: From the Share tab, users can send email invites or share the review via a link, which can be copied to your clipboard with a single click.

Approvals: You can now find approval summaries for each asset in the Approvals tab.

Grouping via the playlist

Users can now choose to display all assets as a flat list or to group related versions. (Previously, related versions were always grouped.)

Compare mode

Compare mode is now easily accessible via the ftrack Review toolbar.

ftrack Review’s compare mode enables users to compare media versions side by side or overlaid with transparency.

Mute all

There is now a Mute All function in the Review Participants/Sync area in the upper right of the ftrack Review player. This function allows logged-in users to quickly mute any live audio, which is useful when reviewing with a large group.

Please note: The Mute All button will appear in Sync reviews only: you won’t see it if you’re not in sync. The Mute All button will only affect other users in sync with you; individual participants can still control their own volume if required.

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