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ftrack Connect 2.0 is now available to download – the reimagined desktop application that enables users to integrate ftrack Studio with creative apps, publish assets, and more. Accompanying this new release are two new Nuke and Maya integrations, designed using ftrack’s new pipeline framework.

ftrack Connect is an integral part of the ftrack experience. The desktop platform has many uses, but to summarize, the software visualizes high-level API functionality so artists can easily connect with the ftrack ecosystem. Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to improve and evolve Connect with a new 2.0 version designed to simplify and increase the ease of use of the Connect platform. And we’re pleased to say that Connect 2.0 is available for your projects today!

ftrack Connect 2.0 is designed to support today’s VFX pipelines and remove friction from production and pipeline TD workflows. With Connect 2.0, it’s easier to launch integrations, find what you need quickly, and help artists to get up and running on projects in a way that makes sense to them.

ftrack Connect 2.0’s new plugin manager also hosts two new ftrack Studio integrations with Nuke and Maya 2022+. These integrations have been created with ftrack’s new pipeline framework and are just the first steps toward overhauling and improving all of ftrack Studio’s existing integrations. You can learn more about this below.

ftrack Connect 2.0

Here’s what we’ve added to and improved in ftrack Connect 2.0:


Widgets comprise a system that empowers users to visually extend Connect 2.0 via the ftrack API. Previously, you could access just two tabs in Connect: Actions and Publish. With Widgets, Connect 2.0 introduces custom tabs, which can contain and run any custom code you desire. You can more deeply customize the UI and add as many tabs related to whatever processes you wish. Say, for example, you want to add a tab that displays time tracking information across a range of deliverables – you can now add that to the UI!

The Plugin Manager

Connect 2.0’s new Plugin Manager allows for the easy installation of Connect widgets and integrations. From the Plugin Manager, users can install integrations for ftrack Studio, like the new Nuke and Maya integrations (see more below) and add new Connect widgets. Users can also access support applications or create custom plugins, which they can add to the Plugin Manager via a drag-and-drop mechanism.

An improved code-base

Connect 2.0 is based on a new platform with substantially improved technology. As a result, development, coding, and customization in ftrack Connect 2.0 are now more straightforward and consistent. In addition, future development work on Connect 2.0 can now occur using Python 3 and PySide2, which is a big move toward further aligning ftrack with the VFX Reference Platform.

An updated build and packing system

Connect 2.0’s new build and packing system offers a simple and elegant way to build, install, and release Connect from sources and package for redistribution. We have also developed Dockerized builds to create automated builds when needed.

Application launcher

ftrack Connect 2.0 saves time via a new configuration-based application launcher, meaning you can express launchers via a config file rather than having to code the same hook for every app. As such, the creation of basic features requires less technical skill. (The code approach is still available for those who prefer to take the advanced route.) In ftrack Connect 2.0, configurations are stored centrally rather than contained in each integration.

A host of other improvements

ftrack Connect 2.0 also offers the following:

  • Linux Centos 8 support
  • HIDPI support
  • The return of dark theme!

New Nuke and Maya integrations

Connect 2.0 launches alongside two new ftrack Studio integrations with Nuke and Maya 2022+. These integrations work seamlessly with the most recent versions of Nuke and Maya and can be accessed and downloaded from Connect 2.0’s new Plugin Manager.

ftrack Studio’s new Nuke and Maya integrations are built on ftrack’s new Pipeline Framework – a new way of building, delivering, and updating integrations with ftrack Studio. In addition, integrations are now separated from the ftrack Connect launcher and instead use a listener approach to inject themselves into the starting application. By self-containing integration logic into the integration itself rather than the launcher, it’s much simpler to utilize multiple integrations, debug, and customize. Expect many more in the months to come!

Here’s what you can do with ftrack Studio’s new Nuke and Maya integrations and the new Pipeline Framework:

Native window

Access ftrack Studio via a native window and update project progress from inside the DCCs.


Artists can open previously published scene files known as snapshots within the DCC application.

Asset Manager

Track assets and version up and down.


‘Assemble’ published assets by importing or referencing them. For example, a rig that has been published might be Referenced into a clean empty Maya scene under a Shot Context. The Animator could then add their animation curve information or performance.


A variety of publishers are available: Geometry, Animations, Lighting, Scene, Camera. Each publisher has a set of ‘Components’ the user can Publish. These components are browsed via the Assembler.

Log viewer

A way to debug situations that may arise within a studio’s pipeline.

We hope you enjoy ftrack Connect 2.0 and this first glimpse at our new Pipeline Framework for integrations. Although Connect 2.0 has already received more than a year’s worth of development, we are only at the start of this process. Over the months to come, we will continue to update Connect 2.0, deliver more enhanced ftrack Studio integrations, and work to reduce friction in your creative workflows.

Our main goals here are to support today’s creative pipelines, reduce artist admin, and make it easier than ever for artists to update project progress. If you would like to let us know how Connect 2.0 does or doesn’t meet these aims, please do let us know. Your feedback is invaluable as we further improve Connect 2.0 for modern workflows.

Try Connect 2.0 today

You can download ftrack Connect 2.0 in try the new Nuke and Maya integrations today.

I'd like to try Connect 2.0

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