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A new beta version of the Lightbox Player in ftrack Studio is available to try today for quick-and-easy, frictionless media review. You can use the updated Lightbox Player to review media without having to launch a full review session.

The Lightbox Player in ftrack Studio enables quick playback of versions from within the ftrack Studio UI without launching a “formal” review session. You just click on an asset or version, and a review will open in a floating pop-up window. Using the window, you can add notes and annotations without navigating away from the page you were on before launching the Lightbox.

The new version of the Lightbox Player (beta), available today in ftrack Studio, replaces the older version of the player with a new tech stack. The enhanced Lightbox Player offers the following functionality, with more speed and less friction than ever before:

  • Improved support for previewing videos, images, and multi-page PDFs.
  • More responsive notes and annotations.
  • Easy playback of version sequences.
  • The ability to view timeline markers.
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See the Lightbox Player in action

You can turn on the new Lightbox Player via System settings > Advanced > Experimental and selecting “New web player.”

Please note that playlist management and other features are unavailable inside the Lightbox Player. If you wish to use deeper review functionality, you must launch a dedicated media review session.

If you would like to let us know any feedback or thoughts about the Lightbox Player in ftrack Studio, please use the following link. Your feedback is invaluable as we improve ftrack Studio for modern workflows.

Try the Lightbox Player today

Experience frictionless reviews. Try the Lightbox Player today with your free ftrack Studio trial.

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