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Split Tasks are now available to try in ftrack Studio. Split Tasks is a new beta feature that enables you to break up tasks in the Gantt scheduler and gain more control over organizing your team’s projects.

Sometimes in production, tasks are worked on in segments rather than continuously before completion. For instance, you might need to switch between tasks to keep multiple plates spinning throughout the course of a day, or the first part of a task might require approval before the artist can move on to working on the second part. In these instances, your team isn’t working continuously on a task over time but splitting it up into smaller, discrete chunks.

With Split Tasks (beta) in ftrack Studio, you can visualize breaks in a task using the Gantt scheduler.

Split Tasks enable you to take a single task and visualize any interruptions/hiatuses. As you split up a task, you can give each portion its own start and end dates and label each part of the split task to describe the work planned for each split stage.

Visualizing the breaking up of tasks has many benefits:

  • Visualizing when a task is actually being worked on, rather than stretching it over inactive periods, introduces increased clarity and accuracy in your project schedules.
  • You’ll have more flexibility around setting schedules and filling in gaps.
  • It’ll be easier to see when an artist or team member is available for work or, conversely, avoid overloading them when they have tasks in parallel.
  • You can feel more in control of your team’s schedules.
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Split Tasks are one of ftrack Studio’s most requested features, so we’re excited to bring it to you all in beta. You can turn on Split Tasks via System settings > Advanced > Experimental and selecting “Split Tasks.”

If you would like to let us know any feedback or thoughts about the Split Tasks, please use the following link. Your feedback is invaluable as we improve ftrack Studio for modern workflows.

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