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We’ve substantially updated ftrack Studio’s client review interface, using the new technology stack and design that underpinned ftrack Review’s April 2022 update. Try the new and improved client review experience in beta today for faster reviews, new tools, and a much more attractive UI.

In April 2022, we made a significant update to ftrack Review, our standalone, browser-based media review and approval tool. We’ve now completed the process of moving all of that new and improved functionality and updated UI over to client review in ftrack Studio, and you can try it today as an experimental beta feature!

Turn on ftrack Studio’s updated client review (beta), and you’ll see a new design, a new user experience, and a substantial improvement over past media review workflows in ftrack Studio. When using the new client review interface, you’ll find your reviews are more collaborative, less friction and a more seamless back-and-forth, and more ways to communicate and make your feedback clear.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you can expect to see in ftrack Studio’s new client review platform:

A new interface

  • A larger media window.
  • A redesigned feedback bar.
  • Full-width review sessions.
  • Expandable notes.
  • The ability to view feedback per frame.
  • Colored timeline markers that reveal the recentness of feedback.

An enhanced review experience

  • More responsive notes and faster session loading, even in reviews with lots of guests.
  • Drawings are automatically saved to frames.
  • Added ability to “grab” annotated frames to capture contents.
  • Drawing tools are enabled by default.
  • “Join sync” prompts when starting a synced session.
  • Presentation mode for Review Pro accounts.

New toolbar features

  • Ghosting, to show movement over several frames
  • Compare Mode is now available via the toolbar
  • Flip and flop images
  • Resolution selection
  • An updated timecode counter
  • New volume control options.

You can turn on the beta client review interface via System settings > Advanced > Experimental and selecting “New client review player.”

If you would like to let us know any feedback or thoughts about the updated client review interface in ftrack Studio, please use the following link. Your feedback is invaluable as we improve ftrack Studio for modern workflows.

Try ftrack Studio’s new client review

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