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With this update, we have added a couple of features for our Pro customers, as well as some improvements to our Play All and Play Selection functionality. If you want to try out the Pro features, you can subscribe to the Pro add-on via your account settings, or contact [email protected] for more information.

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Watermarking and Security

As a new feature for accounts with the Pro add-on enabled, content can now be watermarked with a live, unique watermark that identifies each participant in the review session.

Content owners need to know they can identify the source, if content is ever leaked from a review session – similarly it can be useful to have a visual reminder for guests that the content they are viewing can be traced back to them, to encourage them to be careful with the security of confidential content.


ftrack Review can now display a visual watermark, which is displayed in the corners of the image, and visually identifies the user’s name, date/time, review name and session ID for each participant. An additional customisable watermark text can be added in the center of the image if required.

(Note: Watermarking is also available in the new Client Review player in ftrack Studio – see here for more information on how to enable these settings)

Watermarking settings can only be updated by users with admin privileges and the settings will apply to all users on the account. 

Other security settings include:

  • Global setting for allowing link sharing
  • Requiring passphrases for guest access.

Improved “Play All” and “Play Selected” Functionality

These are existing ftrack Review features, but we have improved performance on loading sequences. Now large sequences load very quickly. We will be issuing updates for sequence playback over the next few months, as we continue to build out this useful feature.


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