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From significant API query speed improvements to the adoption of Python 3, ftrack Studio has recently received a batch of speed, reliability, and security enhancements to make your project management experience more efficient. Read on to learn how these developments can refine your daily operations and production workflows.

In the dynamic world of production, efficiency, swift decision-making, and the ability to juggle multiple tasks are essential.

With these needs in mind, we’ve upgraded ftrack Studio’s performance, ensuring our production tracking solution keeps pace with your projects and enhances the way you work.

Faster Query Speeds – Your Projects, Faster Than Ever

The recent rollout of ftrack 24.1 brings a notable increase in API performance. You’ll experience a significant boost in API performance, with speed improvements of 10-20% across the board and up to 60% faster for custom attribute queries.

This enhancement is designed to streamline your experience with ftrack’s UI and pipeline tools and accelerate your project management experience, ensuring ftrack keeps pace with the rapid demands of modern production workflows.

And we’re not stopping here; you can look forward to even more speed enhancements in our upcoming releases to improve your work efficiency.

Python 3 implementation – Streamlining your creative process

At the heart of creating exceptional entertainment is the need for consistency and efficiency. That’s why we align ftrack development with the latest VFX Reference Platform standards.

The VFX Reference Platform aims to standardize processes within the VFX industry and foster a more streamlined development environment, enabling creatives to focus less on the tools they use and more on delivering great work.

Central to our efforts in aligning with the VFX Reference Platform is ftrack’s adoption of Python 3. This significant upgrade is now fully implemented, boosting ftrack’s performance, security, and stability. Importantly, Python 3 also paves the way for quicker feature updates in the future, hopefully helping you to achieve high-quality results more efficiently.

Here’s how Python 3 improves your ftrack Studio experience:

  • Smoother operations: With Python 3, you’ll notice an improvement in how quickly and smoothly queries run in ftrack. Python 3 also paves the way for even more enhancements in the future. This means less waiting and more doing.
  • Robust security: The upgrade helps us apply security measures more efficiently, allowing us to protect your data more effectively and keep your data safer per our rigorous security standards.
  • Quicker access to new features: Thanks to Python 3, we can leverage more modern development tools and libraries, which means we can roll out new and improved features faster. This means more tools at your disposal to drive creativity and efficiency.
  • Greater stability: Python 3 helps provide a more stable and reliable system, ensuring you have a dependable platform for all your production tracking needs.

We’re pleased to bring these improvements to you and are confident they will significantly impact your day-to-day operations.

Should you have any inquiries or need further information, our support team is just an email away at [email protected] – we’re here to help.

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