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In this update, we’ve made some small tweaks that make a big impact. We’ve introduced more flexibility in project dashboard customization and simplified the data export process—all designed to make your day-to-day operations smoother and more efficient.

Enhance your project dashboards with multiple instances of select widgets

We’re pleased to let you know about a new level of customization you can bring to your project dashboards. Now, you can add multiple instances of any widget with a + symbol next to it to tailor your project dashboard view to suit your needs.

Whether you’re tracking different aspects of the same project—like displaying both incomplete and completed notes for a shot—or you want to mix various types of information such as lists, tasks, and versions, the choice is yours. You can tailor your project dashboard precisely to your workflow, helping you gain more precise insights into your projects and quickly identify areas needing attention.

Streamline task data export with the new ‘Include ID on Export’ option

We’ve made exporting data from the tasks spreadsheet more straightforward and intuitive via a new checkbox option: “Include ID on export.” This small update to the export feature allows you to include the IDs when exporting. This means you can export your data, use it as you need to, and then import again via the import and update based on ID, so all of your data flows smoothly into ftrack Studio. This update also means you no longer need to display the ID attribute in the task spreadsheet, making for a cleaner task spreadsheet view.

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