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The latest batch of features has arrived in ftrack Studio! Read on to learn about our new webhooks UI to automate your workflows, a new custom attribute titles URL, the ability to act as a user, and more!

This month, we’re bringing several new features to ftrack Studio to make your creative project management experience even more powerful, including a new webhooks UI to simplify the process of automating with ftrack.

  • Webhooks UI: Streamline your workflow with an intuitive interface for creating and managing webhooks.
  • Updated Overview schedulers: A new design and functionality, such as visualizing split tasks.
  • A new Custom Attribute type URL: Directly add any URL to the ftrack spreadsheet.
  • Easy user switching: Admins can switch between users to act as that user, troubleshoot issues, adjust time tracking on tasks, and more.
  • Custom attributes in all places: Add Custom Attributes to any project and object for a cleaner spreadsheet view.
  • Eyedropper tool for review: Match annotation colors with your media review content for precise visual feedback. This update can be found in our New Web Player and Experimental Client Review player.

Let’s dive in and explore all the latest in ftrack Studio!

See the full release notes here.

Webhooks UI: Automate your workflows

We’ve made it easier for you to create and configure outgoing webhooks with a new, user-friendly Webhooks interface.

In the hustle of production, complex workflows can bog you down with repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Webhooks are your gateway to automations that save you that precious time. Our interface makes setting up and managing webhooks intuitive, reducing the hassle and boosting your team’s efficiency.

Here are some exciting use cases for webhooks. With the new UI, it’s much easier to set these up and allow your team to focus on creativity and quality:

  • Review workflow automation: Monitor changes to “pending review” status and automatically add updated versions to a specific review session or list. This ensures immediate attention to items needing feedback, streamlining the review process without manual input.
  • Task dependency management: Upon a task’s completion, automatically update the status of downstream tasks to “ready to be worked on,” ensuring a smooth workflow transition and minimizing project delays by automating dependency tracking.
  • Data transfer automation: Trigger data preparation and transfer processes when specific project milestones are reached. This facilitates efficient data movement across regions or direct delivery to clients, ensuring timely and format-compliant data handling with minimal manual oversight.

We’ve also introduced an automatic retry feature for webhooks to ensure reliable script execution. So, if your initial webhook attempt fails due to connectivity issues, ftrack will automatically resend the webhook to keep things moving and processes up to date.

Looking ahead, we plan to support third-party integration platforms like Integromat and Make, expanding the possibilities of what you can achieve with webhooks in ftrack and opening up new horizons for automation, such as automatically sending Slack notifications, updating Trello boards, and emailing stakeholders whenever a critical task in ftrack is completed.

How to create webhooks in ftrack

Webhooks are available alongside existing websocket functionality in ftrack, so you can choose the approach that best suits your needs.

Please note: Webhooks are only supported in the cloud-hosted version of ftrack. Only 10 enabled webhooks can exist simultaneously. We intend to remove these limitations as we continue to work on webhooks.

Learn more about using webhooks in ftrack

A new Custom Attribute type; ‘URL’ – add a link anywhere

You can now add a new custom attribute of type ‘URL’, which allows you to add a URL link to anywhere you like, right from within your tasks spreadsheet.

Previously, adding an external URL to ftrack meant placing it in the notes sidebar, but that meant other users could sometimes overlook important links. Well, no more. Now, you can place external URLs directly into the task spreadsheet and associate them with any Object or Task, making them much easier for your teammates to see and access.

Let’s say you have some reference materials relevant to a shot and want to make sure they’re seen. With this feature, it’s easy to add a clear link to wherever those materials are stored. Nothing is missed, communication is tighter, and your productions can move forward more fluidly.

Learn how to add Custom Attribute URLs to your projects

Easy user switching – Act as a user

Admins can now switch between different users in ftrack Studio. This means you can ‘act as a user’ and do things like see what they have access to, update their time logs if they’ve forgotten to do it, troubleshoot permission issues, and more.

To act as another user:

  1. Go to System Settings > Users and Groups.
  2. When hovering over a user, click the “Act as user” icon to the left of their profile picture.
  3. On the new menu, choose whether you want read-only enabled or not.
  4. Confirm – you will become the user.

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