cineSync Play

Local, frame-accurate review (beta)

cineSync Play is a free-forever local desktop application for frame-accurate playback and review of high-res frame sequences, video, and more. Beta available for macOS, Linux and Windows.

cineSync Play will be available as a free-forever standalone app and as a complementary product available with all ftrack Studio licenses.

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Frame-accurate playback of high-res sequences

Frame accurate

Review frame sequences as they’re meant to be seen, in high resolution and high frame rates.

Control imagery

Annotate media and manipulate color non-destructively using inbuilt tools.

Industry standards

Manage color with OpenColorIO (OCIO v2) and cuts with OpenTimelineIO (OTIO) support.

Free forever

You don’t need an account or license to use cineSync Play. Just dive in and get going.

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    More information

    When cineSync Play is commercially released, the application will be available in two forms:

    A complimentary product available with all ftrack Studio licenses.

    A free-forever standalone single-user application.

    cineSync Play features

    Local media player (image, video, PDF, audio)

    Frame-sequence playback

    File sequence support via OpenTimelineIO

    Annotations, including ghosting

    Color controls and OpenColorIO support

    Masking, flip/flop, timecode offset

    Media playlist

    More to come!

    Learn more about cineSync Play’s features here. You can see some more planned features in the cineSync Play public roadmap.