Download cineSync

cineSync software is free to download and install

cineSync and cineSync Pro use the same client. The full set of Pro features are available to those with a cineSync Pro account. Guests who download cineSync will be able to join all cineSync sessions and access the full set of features available on the host account.

Latest release: cineSync 4.2.5

What’s new?

  • Added the ability to browse S3 buckets.
  • The owner can now mute guest volume.

What’s changed?

  • Fixed drawings not always showing if the classic notes interface is used.
  • Fixed exported frames not always displaying in ftrack correctly.
  • S3 Uploads now have encryption at rest enabled by default.
  • Fixed video occasionally freezing on Windows.
  • Fixed memory leak that could cause excessive memory usage.
  • Fixed an issue identifying frame numbers from file names.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.

Beta Versions – cineSync 4.2.5