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Make it easy for creatives to get on with working creatively. Connect your studio with your apps and custom pipeline tools.

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Creative project planning
Creative project planning

Bring harmony to your pipeline. Integrate ftrack Studio with creative apps, publish assets, and streamline daily workflows with custom processes unique to your studio.

What you can do with ftrack Connect

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a bridge between ftrack Studio and your daily workflows, you’re in the right place. Gain enhanced functionality over the ftrack Studio web interface, streamline your creative process, and save your company time and money.

Publish assets

Publish or version up files at the click of a button.

Streamline pipelines

Files save in the right place with the right name every time.

Launch tools

Organize and run custom Actions and Python scripts to simplify projects.


Extend functionality with open source tools so ftrack works around your studio needs.

Run integrations

Easily launch ftrack Studio inside the applications you love.

Optimize efficiency

Help creatives to get on with working creatively.

How others are using ftrack Connect

Pinta Studios

Learn how the studio customized ftrack Studio and leveraged Connect to create a real-time virtual reality experience.

Plarium Global

Discover how Plarium customized ftrack Connect to deliver a marketing campaign for Raid: Shadow Legends.

Luma Pictures

Luma Pictures combines cineSync with ftrack Connect to bring Marvel's Black Panther to life on the big screen.

Getting started with ftrack Connect

Install and use Connect

Learn how to get up and running with Connect and how to integrate with all of the various DCC applications available out of the box with ftrack Studio.

Development docs

Dive into the development side of ftrack Connect. This resource covers multiple use cases of ftrack Connect and includes a tutorial on adding a Location plugin.

Release notes

Find out what’s changed between versions and any important migration notes you may need to be aware of when switching to a new version of ftrack Connect.

Recent releases

Head over to the ftrack forum to get the full lowdown on what’s been released, when, and what you need to update to to get the most out of ftrack Connect.


See the full list of integrations available out of the box for ftrack Studio. You can download the most recent version of each integration via this link.


All integrations and plugins are available in the ftrack bitbucket repository. The entire framework is open source and can be used, forked, or referenced.