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The easiest way to streamline video collaboration and workflows for creative service teams. Reduce friction with accurate synced feedback for creative initiatives with ftrack’s all-in-one collaborative workspace – share media, sync with clients live or asynchronously, and deliver killer campaigns with fewer revisions in half the time.

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Bring everyone

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synchronized review

Forget lengthy email chains and confusing notes – get clear, actionable insight with real-time sync. Quickly share a link and your clients can jump in on a real-time, synced review from anywhere. That one-to-one connection means less guesswork, fewer review cycles, and more approvals.

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Write or draw


on your


Write frame-accurate comments or draw your ideas to show exactly what you mean. With clearer feedback and less back-and-forth, everything is right there on the frame, so clients or stakeholders get what they want, faster and the first time.


ftrack is a system built for the reality of project management – one that understands the challenges that can occur on a project as complex as The Boy and The Piano, and understands how to make them manageable.

Anthony BloorCreative Director of CG, MPC

Keep everyone

sync’d with



Use ghosted annotations to show your latest great idea in motion. You can also compare project versions inside ftrack to show a client how the creative has changed over time. Someone missing from a client call? No problem – send them a post-session report of everything that went down.

All your reviews

in one place

No more messy inbox! Bring all your creative projects together in one place, along with feedback summaries, team management features, the ability to set permissions, and more.


Just dive in!

All your stakeholders have to do is follow a link, and boom – they can comment on creative in their browser.

Unlimited sharing

Invite as many collaborators as you like to a session – they don’t need an account to join in.

Collaborate in sync

You can sync with others to discuss and collaborate in real-time – no more waiting for their response!

Quickly compare updates

Explore updates by comparing your creative versions side by side.

Designed for creatives

Feedback is fast and precise, so you can spend more time actioning changes and addressing comments.

Stay in the loop

Post-session PDFs detail all notes and annotations. Keep everyone synced — share it for team alignment and progress tracking.

Easy project management

Create and edit playlists, manage versions, and control who sees what across your review projects.

Robust security

Keep your  content safe with SSO, 2FA, audits and compliances, and more.

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With ftrack you can connect all processes, tools, and teams involved in marketing projects on one collaborative platform.

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