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Steelhead’s Director of Post-Production, Austin Meyers, has been an devoted ftrack advocate since 2012. Here, he reveals why he’s been such a long-time user, and how ftrack’s problem-solving functionality recently helped clear the way through what would otherwise have been a very tricky production for Deutsch and H&R Block.

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Episodic TV & Feature Film

Let ftrack become the backbone of your VFX pipeline as its powerful API and integrations allow your studio to collaborate with production teams worldwide.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Track complex animation productions and communicate with your team of artists to ensure everyone is on the same page and on schedule.

Marketing & Advertising

Manage your shortform project team and assets to ensure a smooth production with tight deadlines. Review media with collaborators and clients to gain swift approval.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Create your next cutting edge project with a production proven solution to ensure your team reaches the finish line on time and on budget.

Michael Perdew

VFX Producer, Luma Pictures

“ftrack’s Studio Overview is the feature we’ve been waiting years for someone to get right. Allowing our artists to work on multiple shows has been a core value since Luma’s inception, and finally you can balance out your resources not just across a single project, but as a studio running multiple shows at once.”

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