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ftrack Developer Network

The ftrack Developer Network connects studios with ftrack experts all around the globe. If you need to tap into the knowledge and capability of an experienced and dedicated ftrack developer, the ftrack Developer Network is the place to start.

For studios

Why use the ftrack Developer Network?

  • Hire a consultant to help establish best practices
  • Access to a developer with ftrack API experience
  • Extra resource to help integrate ftrack into your pipeline
  • Add custom tools and processes to ftrack
  • Optimise your workflow and pipeline with ftrack
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For developers

Why join the ftrack Developer Network?

  • Free ftrack Studio account for testing
  • Direct access to ftrack staff for troubleshooting issues
  • Opportunity to work with a variety of studios
  • Widen your network of contacts and clients
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Our API provides great flexibility and power whilst remaining approachable and intuitive. Whether you’re writing your very first script or you’re an experienced software architect, you’ll find our API works the way you need it to. We’ve gone the extra mile by building in some of the features that we see developers having to continually implement in-house across different companies – features such as caching and support for custom pipeline extensions and more – to make your life that little bit easier.

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Key concepts

Some of the key concepts in our API


Events are generated in ftrack when things happen such as a task being updated or a new version being published. API clients can listen to these events and perform an action as a result. For example, the action could be updating another related entity based on a status change or generating folders when a new shot is created.

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An action is a custom script that is executed from the ftrack interface. It can be used to extend functionality in ftrack such as generating reports, launching applications or opening a custom UI. A custom action can be setup to run from inside Connect by adding a hook or as a standalone script to perform company-wide operations.

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A collection of standard widgets are available in ftrack that can be used on dashboards or Actions. If you’re a developer and want to add your own widgets you can, by simply creating a web page that uses the ftrack API. This page can then be displayed using the web view dashboard widget or when launching an action in ftrack.

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Our Locations framework make it easier than ever to share data across teams and time zones. Locations is an effective way to easily track and manage data (files, image sequences etc.) using ftrack across different locations.

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Files are represented as components in ftrack. Components can be associated with different entities and represent thumbnails, attachments to notes or files on published versions. Versions (also called asset version) are the main UI representation when publishing files to ftrack.

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The Python API makes use of caching in order to provide more efficient retrieval of data by reducing the number of calls to the remote server. You also have the option to add your own custom cache backend for ftrack.

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Open Source

We proudly make most of our development open source. Check out some of our projects below.

Connect Autodesk Maya with ftrack. Publish and browse files, see and edit task details and write and receive notes and comments in Maya.

Connect NUKE with ftrack. Publish scripts directly from NUKE, import assets and see task details from within NUKE.

Connect MAXON Cinema 4D with ftrack. Access your project, dive into details, publish and import files. All directly from within an easy to use ftrack panel.

See more projects on Bitbucket

Developer news

May 7, 2020 in Announcements, API, Developer, Product, Studio

ftrack API 2.0
available now

ftrack releases the new major version of the ftrack API, following a year of rigorous internal testing and feedback.

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March 9, 2020 in Announcements, Developer, Enterprise, Product

Announcing the new on-premise installation package for ftrack Enterprise

Designed with feedback from creative studios to ensure a flexible, scalable, and available on-prem experience.

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November 28, 2019 in API, Developer, Product, Q&A, Studio

O2 Post – customizing ftrack and building a DaVinci Resolve pipeline

O2 Filmes reveals its custom DaVinci Resolve integration and how it makes decisions with data from ftrack.

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November 26, 2019 in Developer

Breaking down ftrack’s official support of Python 3

We break down our support of Python 3 and what it means for our users.

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March 14, 2019 in Announcements, Developer, Product

ftrack Perforce Helix Core beta integration is available today

Get access to our Perforce Helix Core integration and request a meeting with the team at GDC 2019.

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February 7, 2019 in API, Developer, Product

The ftrack Python 3 API preview is available today!

Explore the Python 3 version of the ftrack API – and be sure to let us know your thoughts!

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November 22, 2018 in Developer

Advanced filter queries in cross-project views

With ftrack 4.0 we introduced the ability to see information across different projects. Cross-project views have been warmly received from our customers, please see Introducing cross-project views – Part 1... Read More
July 26, 2018 in Developer, Tips & tricks

Using filters with the ftrack API

It's time to dig into an important topic for all developers; filtering entities in an efficient way. The ftrack API already has a lot of flexibility and choice, providing options... Read More