Plan for success


Every successful project starts with a solid plan. Schedule your productions from start to finish and keep track of progress using Studio Overview for a bird’s eye view of everything happening at your studio across different projects and departments.

Broad stroke planning

Quickly map out a project from a top-down fashion by laying out all phases in a timeline with key milestones. A perfect tool for producers and supervisors to effectively plan the preliminary stages of a project. More detailed planning with individual tasks can then be defined with start and end times.

Team management

Clearly see the schedule of team members in a calendar view for insights into utilization and upcoming vacations. With robust user management, team members can be assigned to groups per project or globally for every project. Easily manage your talent for effective and efficient resource planning to ensure your projects stay on budget and on track.

Keep track of progress

Production tracking

Production tracking is the beating heart of every project. ftrack Studio helps you succeed with a range of powerful, intuitive tools designed with producers, supervisors and artists in mind. Streamline your production process by using workflows suited to your project and collaborate with teammates globally.

The volume of work we had to get through would not have been possible, if it were not for the ability to make the whole process as automated as possible using ftrack.

Sandro di Segni
VFX Supervisor at O2 Filmes

Clarity at any level

Gain ultimate clarity with configurable views and dashboards to show exactly what you need for your role. Users can easily manage tasks with kanban boards, track time spent on jobs, and view comments and to-do notes for clear direction. Get organized and increase team productivity with ftrack Studio.

Version management

When it comes to version management, we have you covered. Simply publish assets with the same file name and they will automatically version up. Upload and organize files into your own project hierarchy and publish directly from supported applications or drag and drop files directly into ftrack. Easily convert media into HTML5 video for quick internal reviews in a secure platform accessible anywhere in the world. For increased flexibility of multi-site and cloud storage, Smart Content Management provides secure control over the way you share and manage media in a hybrid environment.

Connects with your favorite apps

ftrack is a powerful bridge to your production pipeline. Out of the box, ftrack integrates with many industry standard applications like Foundry Nuke, RV, Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro, Autodesk 3ds Max & Maya, Maxon Cinema 4D, Deadline, cineSync and more. Need deep integration with other apps? With our robust and production-proven Python API you can build custom tools to directly integrate with ftrack.

Gain sign-off

Review and approvals

Collaborate with teammates and clients on media reviews using efficient workflows, version management and clear communication to reach the finish line quicker. All review sessions can be exported to PDF with thumbnails, timecodes and notes to achieve clarity of vision.

Get feedback from clients

Share secure review sessions with clients to centralize communication in one place with time-stamped annotations and notes to ensure everyone is on the same page. With an easy to use interface and intuitive layout, client reviews in ftrack are simple to use from day one.

Share reviews directly from your favorite apps

Easily share work-in-progress assets with teammates and supervisors directly from your favorite application. Save time and keep focus by accessing notes in a native-look panel without needing to jump to another application or web browser.

Extend and make it yours

Pipeline ready

Whether your creative team is all in one facility or spread across the globe, ftrack’s agnostic nature provides ultimate flexibility to suit all pipelines regardless if yours is exclusively on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of both.

{ pipeline by ftrack }

Powerful API

A developer’s dream, ftrack’s API is a powerful toolkit with endless possibilities. Need an integration with a third-party app? No problem. The robust API makes it simple to deeply integrate ftrack into your pipeline to make it work the way you want it to.

import ftrack_api

session = ftrack_api.Session()

active_projects = session.query(
    'select name from Project where status="active"'

    'select name from Project where status is "active"'
).then((response) => {

curl  -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"  \
-H 'ftrack-api-key:4b5c2d64-1fdb-11e7-af7f-f23c91e05852' \
-H 'ftrack-user:[email protected]' \
--data '[{"action": "query", "expression": "select  name from Project where status=active"}]'

Extend with Actions

Actions allow users to extend ftrack by creating custom processes that can be triggered by a click of the button. Simply automate repetitive tasks, generate reports, edit metadata, batch import/export and much more. These Actions appear directly in the ftrack web interface, making them seamless and easy to use.

More about Actions

Unlimited flexibility with Workflows

No matter what industry you’re in or what type of project you’re working on, ftrack Studio can be fully tailored to the way you work. Easily customize folder structures, custom entities, approval steps and much more for each project to best suit your workflow.

More about Workflows

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