ftrack founder Q&A
with Fredrik Limsater


Join Fredrik Limsater, ftrack’s founder and CEO, as he answers your questions about ftrack past, present, and future. Fredrik will be on hand to discuss the company, our products, industry trends, and whatever else you’d like to know about.

About the webinar

Join ftrack CEO and founder Fredrik and Regional Sales Manager Vitaly Kobyashev as they answer your questions about ftrack. Fredrik will field audience-submitted questions about the company’s origins, what we’re currently working on, and where we’re heading. It’s sure to be a great chat with plenty of insight for users of ftrack, cineSync, and beyond.

We hope to cover the below, and more!

  • ftrack from conception to current day
  • ftrack’s future goals
  • Challenges and triumphs
  • Favourite projects
  • Personal passions

Your webinar hosts

Fredrik Limsater

Founder and CEO

Vitaly Kobyashev

Regional Sales Manager

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About ftrack

ftrack is the creator of the project management platform ftrack Studio and media review platforms ftrack Review and cineSync. ftrack’s goal is to help creatives work more collaboratively and efficiently, wherever their teams are based.