Manage your animation with ftrack

Plan, track, and deliver any kind of animation. Whatever the size or complexity of your animated project, ftrack will scale to meet its requirements.

Learn more about ftrack for animation, access an extended trial, and request the ftrack Studio for Animation ebook, which details how to set up an animation workflow in ftrack Studio.

ftrack for animation

You’ll also learn:

  • How ftrack Studio helps to generate more business and growth for your studio
  • ftrack Studio’s features and what they offer, all with relation to the complexity of today’s animation pipelines
  • How some of the world’s best animation studios use ftrack Studio to create better art and build more business.

Tom Box

Co-founder, Blue Zoo

“That’s really what ftrack is – clear, concise information, at your finger tips.”

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Manage your team

Plan every department, from modeling to animation, texturing, and lighting.

Follow every asset

Stay on top of every asset, shot, and sequence with version management.

Review work in progress

Speed up feedback rounds with synchronized animation review.

Production tracking

Plan projects from start to end

Plan what your team should be working on and when. Tackle every day knowing exactly which shots and sequences you’re working on, and set deadlines and milestones to keep your team on track.

Production tracking

Follow the status of every asset

Manage versions and ensure everyone’s working on the right elements of a character and animation. ftrack stores the entire history of work on a shot: you can see the full history of an asset with notes and comments from the team. Everyone understands the work that’s been done – and what’s needed next.

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Synchronized media review

Quick-and-easy animation review

Dive into review sessions with clients. Synchronized review and contextual notes mean everyone knows exactly what’s required of the next iteration.

Artist friendly

Simple, accessible workflows

ftrack is designed to make artists’ lives easier. Artists simply log in to see assigned tasks and what’s required next, all via an uncluttered and easy-to-understand UI. ftrack makes it easy for artists and freelancers to quickly dive into the flow of production, too, with a UI designed with productivity front of mind. With ftrack, everyone becomes part of the plan.

Pipeline ready

Customize to your heart’s content

Need ftrack to achieve something that’s unique to your studio pipeline? ftrack’s API is extremely powerful, so you can automate processes or design integrations as you need them.

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Your security is our key concern

We understand the importance of keeping your projects secure. Follow the link to take a look at ftrack’s cybersecurity measures and to learn how we keep your content safe.

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What our animation customers say

Manuel Reyes

Technical Director, Squint / Opera

“Using ftrack we can see the whole spectrum of work through one platform.”

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Dovydas Vilkelis

Managing Producer, Animatrix

“Don’t drown in a sea of emails: replace it all with ftrack.”

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Brian Maffitt

Technical Director, Late Night Cartoons

“ftrack adds up to much less time wasted on unnecessary back and forth.”

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