Full-Stack Developer, Automation/Self-Service – London, UK

We are looking for a full-stack developer with experience in SaaS businesses to join the self-service side of the business. You will be responsible for the implementation and optimisation of marketing technology and automation systems, from billing and subscription management to data capture via the company website and the collection of user insights to aid data-driven decisions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Working as part of the self-service team, you will be instrumental in the implementation and development of areas critical to maximising user adoption and revenue growth. From optimising the website sign up with smart processes behind the scenes to automating insights reports and putting into action experiments that drive user acquisition and adoption. The ideal candidate will always be striving to optimise the customer lifecycle journey for self-service customers through automation.   

You will work with technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python and use tools and services such as Recurly, Salesforce, ChartMogul, Google Analytics, Intercom and more to optimise the transfer of data, investigating data integrity and implementing tasks to enhance the buying experience for self-service customers. 

Applications from the wider UK or Europe will be considered.

What you’ll do

  • Implement initiatives set by the self-service team to improve the ftrack.com website, user experience for new users and in-turn revenue growth
  • Own the technical implementation and maintenance of product marketing technology
  • Implement the technical requirements to get experiments running that drive user adoption
  • Expand upon in-house systems and third-party platforms that help bridge the gap between website visitors and product users
  • Expand upon the level of data insights captured with visitor and user behaviour
  • Continuously improve the user experience for self-service customers, from their initial website experience through to converting into a paying customer and loyal user.
  • Implement the backlog of development requirements set by the self-service roadmap
  • Become the technical resource for website development on ftrack.com 
  • Create custom scripts for smart processes behind the scenes
  • Creating links to synchronise data flow between systems such as Recurly, Salesforce, Intercom and other similar platforms
  • Offering support across the marketing team by acting as the first point of contact for all technical implementations, testing and auditing. Whilst also working with team members to diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

Who you are

  • You have 4+ years of experience as a developer implementing technology for sales and marketing teams
  • A developer that is business savvy with an interest in sales and marketing
  • Deep understanding of the tools that power marketing automation, experimentation, personalization, attribution, and analytics
  • Experience setting up and maintaining product insights and automation platforms that are deeply integrated with SaaS products
  • A driven problem solver with a go-getter attitude
  • You can pick up an idea or concept and bring it to life with all of the troubleshooting and iteration in between
  • You can work autonomously in a self-sufficient manner, but also enjoy working as part of a team with a common goal
  • You have experience in writing and debugging HTML, Javascript, CSS and Python code
  • You are confident in your ability to develop and implement efficient code that is easy for other developers to understand
  • You are fluent in English, both spoken and written.
  • You have experience with relational databases and SQL.
  • You are customer focussed in your approach with an aptitude for user experience.

You might have

  • Experience with setting up and maintaining Recurly, Intercom, Salesforce and other similar platforms
  • An understanding of the creative industry and different role types
  • Experience managing and updating websites built on WordPress, GatsbyJs and Contentful 
  • An aptitude for user acquisition, activation and adoption


About ftrack

ftrack is the creator of Academy Award-winning project management platform ftrack Studio, the Academy Award- and Emmy-winning desktop media review platform cineSync, and the browser-based media review platform ftrack Review.

ftrack aims to make creative project management and media approval simple, efficient, and collaborative. In the creative industry, admin should be secondary to creativity, and individuals should always feel happy and productive in their work. ftrack enables this by replacing thousands of emails and confusing spreadsheets with easily accessible, aesthetically designed interfaces that make it easy to securely collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world.

ftrack’s clients regularly win prestigious awards for the high level of quality they produce across blockbuster films, triple-A games, eye-catching advertising campaigns, and stunning animations. ftrack’s scalable production tracking and pipeline solutions help such creative teams to meet the ever-increasing demands of production, spend less time on admin, and focus on what really matters: making stunning work.


Job details

London, UK


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