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Learn about ftrack via a deep dive into each feature. Whether you’re new to ftrack or a veteran, our user guides have you covered.

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Getting started

A step-by-step guide

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Creative app plugins

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Release notes

What we’ve updated in ftrack

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Administering ftrack

Setup & management

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Your first steps with ftrack Studio

Below you can access a collection of guides that detail how to start using ftrack in production. You’ll find information on how to configure your workspace, how to integrate ftrack into your pipeline, and how to successfully onboard your team. You can see more via this link.

Overview and goals


Get started with ftrack Studio! If you’re just starting out, then this is the best place to go.

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A project from start to finish

An in-depth overview of how to run a project from the first stages to final delivery in ftrack.

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Select your ftrack goals

Some common goals that you may want to achieve with your implementation of ftrack.

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Set up your workspace

Define your workflow

Organize your projects and define pipeline and approval steps befitting your way of working.

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Using custom attributes

How custom attributes can help you to track data specific to your project or studio.

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Security roles and permissions

How to assign security roles globally, on all open projects, or per project.

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Integrations and pipeline

Connect desktop service

How Connect acts as the bridge between your local desktop and the ftrack web service.

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ftrack automation

A look at actions and events and how they can help you speed up time-intensive manual tasks

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ftrack integrations

ftrack integrates with many creative applications out of the box. Here’s how to use them!

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Train your team

Training material

Access ftrack Studio training guides for both project managers and your creative team.

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Standards committee

Establish set standards for ftrack and ensure consistency of use at your company.

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ftrack forum

Do you have a question that isn’t answered here or elsewhere? Your peers on the forum can help!

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General ftrack Studio tutorial videos

Please note: The video tutorials are based on version 3.2 of ftrack Studio. The instructions may differ to the current release.

See general ftrack videos

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