Just starting out with ftrack? Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting off the ground Get started

Please note: The below video tutorials are based on version 3.2 of ftrack Studio. The instructions may differ to the current release.

Project overview

Project overview intro

List & create new projects

Project timeline & planning

Actions overview

Planning and scheduling

Planning & scheduling intro

List & create new projects

Plan users & leave

Schedule projects

General tutorial videos

Overview of ftrack Studio 8:10

A broad introduction to everything ftrack Studio does, from project management to task tracking and resource allocation.

User interface walkthrough 2:17

Covering My Tasks, Projects menu and page, the Sidebar, planning page, reports, functionality in the top menu bar and profile menu.

Create a new project 2:34

Populate the project spreadsheet with sequence shots and tasks, and how to save time with the copy and paste features.

Webinar – Get Started 35:10

A webinar on the fundamental features of ftrack! This includes setting up a project, adding users, making assignments and tracking time.

Webinar – API & Integration 39:08

Learn about ftrack’s advanced features, including how to get started with our API and how to set up basic integrations.

Webinar – Smart Content Management 24:17

Learn how ftrack’s Smart Content Management can help your company with performance, hybrid security, multi-site cache and control of content.

Import Excel or CSV data 1:22

Learn how to import a spreadsheet of an existing project and map it into ftrack. This makes it easy to take existing project plans and get them up and running in the ftrack interface.

Assigning tasks 1:39

Learn how to assign tasks to artists or sequences of shots to groups of artists. This tutorial will be useful to producers and supervisors managing the work of a team.

Teams and Groups – Structure users 4:02

This video breaks down the difference between teams and groups. We also look into how to set up each and structure your team within ftrack.

Publishing Web Playable Components 2:03

Assets must be published as web playable components before review in ftrack. Here’s how to set up Connect to publish assets in this way.

Internal and Client Review 3:51

How to use ftrack’s two review systems; internal for in-house dailies and external for remote client work. Note, assets must be web playable before you can review (see video on this page).

Time logging and tracking 2:27

A guide through the two time tracking tools in ftrack, the time logger and the timesheet view. Mastering these tools will help you to better understand your team and their capability.

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