An Intro to Locations
in ftrack Studio

Locations is a key feature in ftrack Studio. With Locations, you can define the storage configuration for all of your data and even transfer data automatically between different studio locations. In this webinar, we’ll reveal all about Locations, including how to create a custom configuration, insight into what a component is and how to create one, quick-and-easy tips and tricks, and more!

About the webinar

Join Lorenzo Angeli, our in-house Pipeline Solutions Architect, as he reveals all about Locations in ftrack Studio.

Locations present a way to easily track and manage data (files, image sequences etc.) using ftrack Studio across different locations. With Locations, it is possible to see where published data exists in the world and to transfer data automatically between different locations—and even different storage mechanisms—by defining a few simple Python plugins.

Lorenzo will discuss how to customize a Location with Python, and take a close look at components and how these powerful processes benefit production. To get the most out of this webinar, we recommend joining with an understanding of Python and some experience using the ftrack API. For those who are still learning, we will dedicate part of the webinar to a step-by-step setup tutorial.

To learn more about our creative project management processes within ftrack Studio, take a look at our previous webinars on Actions and Connect. For more information on Locations, please read this guide.

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Topics we will cover:

  • What are ftrack Locations?
  • How ftrack Locations are composed and how they work
  • How to register and use Locations
  • A close look at components
  • How to customize structure and accessors
  • User Location tutorial
  • Tips and tricks

Your webinar hosts

Lorenzo Angeli

Pipeline Solutions Architect

Vitaly Kobyashev

Regional Sales Manager

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