Collaborate from wherever you are

With the Academy Award-winning ftrack and cineSync, you don’t have to be in the same room to collaborate.

Manage your team and iterate on creative regardless of the distances that separate you, with remote cloud workflows across VFX, animation, product design, episodic television, commercials, and more.

ftrack Studio

Plan, schedule, and track creative projects without leaving your home.

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ftrack Review

Synchronized, visual feedback from a browser, accessible from anywhere.

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Collaborate in real-time with the world’s most trusted remote review system.

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Christopher Nolan

Director, Tenet

“cineSync is a very efficient way of working. In fact, for me, it’s far more efficient than being in the same city. It’s all focused communication on exactly that show you’re working on and what’s in the frame, and there’s no time wasted driving across town. It’s right there.”

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New featuresProductProductivityReleaseRemoteReviewStudio
February 22, 2024

What’s new in ftrack media review: Stylus and tablet support is here!

The latest updates to ftrack Studio and ftrack Review are all about making your review sessions with clients as smooth and productive as possible. With support for tablet and stylus…
April 11, 2023

The new iconik x cineSync integration brings accessible media management to cineSync

cineSync 5.3 introduces a whole new way to manage your media and share files via the new cineSync x iconik integration. Below, we reveal why combining high-quality, secure media review…
Victor_PerezcineSyncProductivityRemoteStudioTips & tricks
September 28, 2022

Webinar – Making remote VFX work

Watch this webinar to discover how VFX Supervisor Victor Perez set up his extraordinary at-home VFX studio, and where he sees remote VFX going from here.
New featuresProductReleaseRemoteStudio
July 26, 2022

Try the new and improved client review in ftrack Studio

Try client review's new modern UI, new features, and frictionless review workflows today.

Honoring Frank Herbert’s vision of Dune with cineSync

Adapting to lockdown on Amazon’s The Expanse Season 5

Night Raiders: Trans-Pacific production during a pandemic

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Going remote:
Episodic TV VFX

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Animation after a pandemic:
COVID-19’s impact

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Creative collaboration in the remote era

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Academy Award-winning collaboration with ftrack Studio

Who is it for?   Creative teams working on VFX, animation, design, and more
  • Access all project access via the cloud, in your browser
  • Creatively align your team, even if they’re not in the same room
  • Track important milestones, set deadlines, distribute and assign work
  • Centralize project progress via an accessible, visible hub
  • Map out productions and schedule team resource
  • Communicate on assets via an internal note and messaging system
  • Review and collaborate on media with real-time synchronization
  • Share dashboards and custom ftrack views with others on your team

Remote feedback with ftrack Review

Who is it for?  Creative teams that need to gain approval on media assets
  • Build creative momentum with quick, clear visual feedback
  • Work in sync with real-time synchronized media review
  • Reduce reliance on lengthy and confusing email threads
  • Centralize all discussion and creative commentary in one place
  • Contextualize feedback with time-stamped comments and annotations
  • Easily invite collaborators to accessible, browser-based sessions
  • Collaborate on a vast range of formats – not just video

Emmy-winning sync with cineSync

Who is it for?  VFX Supervisors to communicate with directors or studios
  • Work with the only review platform with hi-res, hi-framerate real-time sync
  • Creatively align contextual comments, annotations, and sketches
  • Save comprehensive notes and share PDF breakdowns
  • Work with true color accuracy and interactive color modification
  • Integrate cineSync with ftrack Studio and other production tools
  • Review via iOS or with a Wacom pad for annotations

Work securely, even when remote

Remote work and security are compatible. We built ftrack and cineSync on a strong foundation of security, ensuring that all projects remain safe even when sharing work over the cloud:

  • Firewalls and AES-256 data encryption at rest
  • SAML-based single sign-on and 2FA
  • User authentication
  • Third-party cybersecurity audits and TPN compliance
  • Incident management and vulnerability scanning
  • 256-bit encryption of commands in cineSync

Hugo Guerra

Director and VFX Supervisor, Hugo’s Desk

“I’ve been using ftrack for over five years. It is by far the best platform for management, tracking and review of any of our creative projects. It allows me to easily connect to my remote team anywhere in the world, and it has really simplified my visual effects pipeline.

Remote team management with ftrack Studio

Connect your distributed teams and streamline production with remote production tracking, project management, and media review.

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Real-time synced media review with cineSync

The only Emmy® and Academy Award®-winning remote review platform that guarantees high quality real-time sync, wherever you are.

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Sync’d browser review with ftrack Review

Clear, synchronized, and contextual feedback via your browser. Keep your team connected, even if they’re never in the same room.

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