Perforce Helix Core and
ftrack Studio integration

Bring the benefits of ftrack Studio’s artist-friendly collaborative production tracking platform
to Perforce’s Helix Core version control system.

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What Helix Core does

Perforce Helix Core is the game development standard for data management. It helps 19 of the top 20 studios deliver immersive visual experiences, faster. Perforce Helix Core stores and versions all digital assets. It helps teams across industries securely manage millions of files — including extremely large video and animated files.

How Helix Core works with ftrack Studio

ftrack Studio’s integration with Helix Core enables ftrack Studio to store, manage, and publish files and assets in the Helix Core version control system. Once published, teams can view, manage, and collaborate on past versions directly within ftrack. Teams can track assets all the way through the production pipeline.

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Seamless workflows for all teams

Together, Helix Core and ftrack Studio connect teams and give them lightning-fast access to the files they need, when they need it, and whatever their business size. Helix Core and ftrack Studio scale to tackle challenges for the largest teams and complex projects.

Leverage the best of both worlds
with ftrack Studio and Helix Core

Download the ftrack Studio integration for Helix Core

The ftrack Studio integration for Perforce is free with any ftrack Studio subscription. Fill out the form below and we’ll send you what you need to install the integration directly to your email address.

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