Browse ftrack Studio and add any review files directly to cineSync for a synced review session. Files will automatically download into cineSync and encrypt (if desired.) You can then export notes, drawings, and saved frames back to ftrack Studio with a single click.

  • Open any ftrack Studio reviews in cineSync to enable live discussion and real-time interactivity.
  • Media transfers to the cineSync review session, for both the session owner and guests.
  • Notes, drawings, and saved frames can be exported back to ftrack Studio with a single click.
  • Export is automated: no need to transcribe notes or copy frames back to ftrack Studio.
  • Notes and saved frames can be saved to the ftrack Studio review or to the corresponding Asset Versions, thus retaining all cineSync review information in the correct location.
  • Encrypt session files (if desired).

The cineSync integration with ftrack Studio comes bundled with cineSync Pro, from cineSync Pro version 4.1 onwards. You must own a cineSync Pro license to use it.

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