Connect cineSync with ftrack Studio. You can browse ftrack Studio and add review files directly to cineSync for a synced review session. Your selected files will automatically download into cineSync and encrypt (if desired). After the review, you can export notes, drawings, and saved frames back into ftrack Studio with a single click.

  • Open any ftrack Studio reviews in cineSync to enable live discussion and real-time interactivity.
  • Media transfers to the cineSync review session, for both the session owner and guests.
  • Notes, drawings, and saved frames can be exported back to ftrack Studio with a single click.
  • Export is automated: no need to transcribe notes or copy frames back to ftrack Studio.
  • Notes and saved frames can be saved to the ftrack Studio review or to the corresponding Asset Versions, thus retaining all cineSync review information in the correct location.
  • Encrypt session files (if desired).

The cineSync integration with ftrack Studio comes bundled with cineSync Pro, from cineSync Pro version 4.1 onwards. You must own a cineSync Pro license to use it.

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