Company House of Blues
Location California
Employees 10+

Since its first concert hall opened in 1992, House of Blues has marketed itself as the place where music feeds the soul, a home to live music, original folk art, and delta-inspired cuisine.

The House of Blues is dedicated to educating and celebrating the history of Southern Culture and African American artistic contributions to music and art. As part of the Live Nation Entertainment umbrella, House of Blues venues can be found across the United States, providing a space for a variety of events and concerts from the biggest names in the popular music industry from James Brown to Tupac Shakur. It truly is home to those that have a passion for rhythm.

With locations from Boston to Los Angeles, promoting a tight schedule of shows brings a huge demand to generate visuals – the creative services team push the boundaries around the clock, throughout the year.

That’s where ftrack plays its part to help out. Capable of tackling immense workloads on creative projects of all shapes and sizes – including feature film, commercials, VR, and live events – ftrack’s cloud-powered project management platform has also proven itself of incredible value to the House of Blues marketing department.

Diving into its flexible suite of organizational tools, House of Blues leverages ftrack to manage an ample flow of design work, with task-based production tracking and ensuring every show’s deliverables are approved and delivered on time. At House of Blues, music feeds the soul, and ftrack makes every note strike true.

A new kind of music management

“The House of Blues creative services team handles a mountain of work, day in and day out,” begins Bryan Pritchard, senior director of digital development and content production at House of Blues Entertainment. “It’s absolutely amazing how much they take on and deliver.”

ftrack plays a pivotal role in ensuring this work is carried out efficiently and thoroughly. It all starts with House of Blues’ external field marketers, who use ftrack to issue creative services requests. A project manager will receive the field request and push it to someone with a start and end date assigned, which may span multiple deliverables depending on the event.

“These projects include everything from concert posters to web graphics, as well as animated Instagram stories of late,” says Pritchard. “Most of the team’s projects are handled quickly, with rush requests typically completed within three-four days, while less time intensive projects might stretch out to 10 days.”

Each request is handled as an individual project in ftrack, which makes for a huge number of active projects. Nevertheless, House of Blues’ creative services team is a lean, mean music marketing machine, utilizing ftrack’s powerful scheduling tools to plan out assignments and power through the workload.

“With the constant influx of tasks, the team is always up against the clock, but with ftrack we can keep these multi-stage processes in line, while also using the platform for customer review and feedback,” says Pritchard.

“By splitting everything into multiple rounds of deliverables and reviews, we ensure that the highest-resolution asset is completed first and approved before further deviations are created, which is a really efficient way of working.”

Freeform jazz

With each design task running through ftrack from start to finish, House of Blues is able to monitor projects and adapt as their needs shift and change. ftrack’s robust scheduling capability has been vital in this regard.

“ftrack’s scheduling is such a critical element of the creative services team success,” says Pritchard. “Considering the mass of projects, the scheduling tools are key to delivering each and every project. Additionally, the client review module has been paramount in providing proper customer communication.”

However, the House of Blues team went beyond the platform’s surface functionality. They went digging to find new ways to twist ftrack to their way of working – and found it incredibly easy to do so: “Ultimately, ftrack allowed my team more flexibility in developing pipelines to assist in communication and facilitation of request delivery.”

One area of custom development was in the request form for field marketers. The tool was developed entirely in-house using ftrack’s API, and as Pritchard explains, it allows for automation without bringing external marketers fully into the ftrack fray.

“ftrack has given us the flexibility to keep the tools in the hands of the people that need it while providing a pipeline to the individuals who don’t need to be in ftrack day in and day out,” he affirms. “The ability to extend the platform presented a new paradigm for our reporting and management structure. Currently, we are working on a very robust reporting system for our executives that gives a quick, at-a-glance view of all ongoing projects as a whole, presenting due dates and other information. The platform really is incredibly flexible.”

Feel the music

Between its flexibility, powerful scheduling tools, easy customization, and the price point, Pritchard says that ftrack presented a no-brainer for House of Blues. And over time, as the team has grown more comfortable with the platform and become reliant on it for everyday workflow needs, they’ve grown even more inspired to further expand their custom tools.

“The sheer depth of customization has opened my eyes to the true power of ftrack,” concludes Pritchard. “While it was a key selling point initially, having had some time to really dig in has presented us with so many options for extensions. ftrack is a lot more than initially meets the eye.”

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