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This entry-level version of ftrack gives video producers and content creators a platform to collaborate on projects with annotations and notes, and has the ability to scale up into ftrack Studio – with full production tracking and API support – for end-to-end project management.

ftrack Review will be priced from $10 a month per user (with annual billing) with unlimited projects, unlimited reviews, and unlimited reviewers.

What is ftrack Review?

ftrack Review is a collaborative cloud-based application that helps content creators efficiently communicate with clients on a project. Media is securely uploaded to the cloud for a review session. Clients join a review session using a unique URL that’s sent to their email address and can easily provide feedback by annotating directly on to the media and writing comments which are timestamped to that specific frame. Say goodbye to endless email threads. All feedback is done entirely inside ftrack Review. As all comments are in context, communication is efficient and eradicates any confusion or misunderstanding.

Who is ftrack Review for?

ftrack Review is suitable for any content creator that needs to receive feedback and approval on a media project. Providing feedback via email is an inefficient process that wastes a lot of time. Providing feedback directly in ftrack Review keeps all comments in context to ensure everyone is on the same page and nothing is misunderstood.

The agnostic nature of ftrack Review means media is not limited to video, still images, PDFs, PSDs, AI files and many other file types are supported for review. The ease of use makes ftrack Review suitable for any creative professional. From marketing teams fine tuning a campaign to filmmakers adding the final edits to a promotional video.

What counts as user and what does each user get?

Each user license gets the following:

1 user profile
20 GB of cloud storage
Unlimited projects
Unlimited reviews
Unlimited collaborators

Each person that needs to access and manage projects requires a user profile. So, if three people need access, your account will need 3 user licences, which means 60 GB in total storage.

What's a collaborator?

A collaborator is a client who only has access to join a specific review to provide feedback. Collaborators can add comments and annotate media in review sessions that have been shared with them. An unlimited number of collaborators can be added to a review session for free.

How do I get access to ftrack Review?

ftrack Review is currently in an open Beta. You can sign up to have instant access to the Beta by completing the sign-up form above and get free access to ftrack Review until the Beta period finishes.