ftrack Review

ftrack Review is a collaborative media review and approval platform for content creators. Say goodbye to endless email threads and welcome browser-based communication with clear-cut feedback.

Build creative momentum

ftrack Review is designed for creative teams who must quickly collaborate on, review and approve media. It works direct from your desktop or mobile web browser, giving you a quick, easy and centralised way to clarify feedback and keep projects moving.

Eliminate confusion

Replace tangled email threads with centralised, frame-specific feedback. All comments and annotations are pinned to the frame and timecode you’re looking at, so communication stays in context and your creative team stays in sync.

Invite anyone, from anywhere

Upload media and share it anywhere in the world for review. Your collaborators simply follow a link to access a secure session, with no need to install additional software. With unlimited participants, projects and sessions, you can collaborate without compromise.

Not just video

Collaborate on a vast range of formats both video and image, as well as multi-page PDF. Every ftrack Review workspace gets 250 GB of storage, so you have plenty of space with which to manage your media.

Access full project management

Need to take things to the next level? Scale up to ftrack Studio for the full production tracking solution used by world-leading studios. ftrack Studio’s production-proven project management platform connects teams, simplifies workflows and increases studio efficiency.

On the go

ftrack Review’s browser-based interface can be accessed via desktop or a mobile device without needing to download an app. Its UI is completely mobile friendly, so if you need to jump into a review session while on the move, there’s nothing stopping you.

Chris Allen

Executive Producer, The Mill

ftrack Review is fresh, simple and extremely easy to use. This is great for The Mill, where centralised, clear communication is vital to hit the quality level we’re known for. ftrack Review helps us to get there.”

Negar Bagheri

Head of Look Development, Blue Zoo

“ftrack Review makes review and approval that much simpler! The UI is easy to use, it allows unlimited external client reviewers and it streamlines workflow with all reviews being on a centralised platform.”

Steve Hawken

Founder, Primary VFX

As a startup, we’re all working from home while setting up our physical studio. ftrack Review has been invaluable in collaboratively developing shots. It’s essentially our dailies tool and it’s crucial to the Primary VFX pipeline.”

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