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ftrack Studio

ftrack Studio is the project management, production tracking, and media review platform trusted by world-leading studios to collaborate on and deliver successful creative projects. ftrack Studio connects teams, simplifies workflows and increases studio efficiency.

Jon Rennie

Managing Director, Cloth Cat Animation

“We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ftrack Studio. The product is excellent, the team that develops it is incredibly helpful, and it enables us to achieve global, complex projects with excellence. ftrack really is a must in any pipeline.”

Real-time synchronized media review is now available in ftrack Learn more

Plan for success


Every successful project starts with a solid plan. With ftrack Studio you can map out and schedule every aspect of your studio’s productions from a bird’s eye view.

Create flawless project plans

ftrack is designed to help creative teams meet the demands of post-production. It’s the perfect companion for producers and supervisors who need to plan projects and track resources from start to end.

Manage your team

Manage talent and resources to ensure projects stay on track and on budget. You can see the schedule of all team members in a calendar view. Assign team members to groups per project or globally for every project.

Track from plate to post

Powerful production tracking

Follow your project with ftrack Studio’s intuitive tools and customisable workflows, designed with producers, supervisors and artists in mind.

Clarity at any level

Get organized and increase productivity. Configurable views and dashboards bring clarity to your production. Manage tasks with kanban boards, track time spent on jobs and view comments for clear direction.

Easy version management

Publish assets with the same file name and they’ll automatically version up! Or upload and organize files into your own project hierarchy.

Smart Content Management provides secure control over the way you share and manage media in a hybrid environment, for increased flexibility of multi-site and cloud storage.

Connect with your favourite apps

ftrack integrates with industry-standard creative apps out of the box. Work with Foundry Nuke, Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro, Autodesk 3ds Max & Maya, Maxon Cinema 4D and more.

Don’t see your app listed? Our robust Python API can build custom tools to directly integrate the software you need with ftrack.

Build creative momentum

Synchronized review and approvals

Collaborate on media, eliminate confusion, and reach the finish line with real-time synchronized review.

Looking for media review only, without planning or tracking? Try ftrack Review or cineSync.

Get feedback from clients in real-time

Put collaboration and communication at the heart of every interaction. Real-time sync means all participants see the same feedback at the same time. That means no more mixed messages, misunderstandings, or mistakes.

Learn more about synchronized reviews

Share reviews directly from your favorite apps

Share work-in-progress assets with teammates from your favorite application. Save time and keep focus by accessing notes in a native panel, without needing to jump to another application or web browser.

The WFH revolution

Do everything above, remotely

Plan, assign, communicate, and review without ever stepping into the same room as your collaborators.

Remote workflows

Whether your team collaborates across a few streets or from opposite ends of the planet, ftrack Studio will help to centralize and streamline remote production.

Find out how you can connect creative people and their work, all without having to be in the same room:

Make ftrack yours

Pipeline ready

ftrack’s agnostic nature offers ultimate flexibility to suit all pipelines, whether your exclusively on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of both. Visit our Developer Hub for more information!

{ pipeline by ftrack }

Access ftrack’s powerful API

ftrack’s API offers endless possibilities. Need an integration with a third-party app? Our robust API makes it easy to deeply integrate ftrack into your pipeline.

Don’t have the resource? The ftrack Developer Network is here to help.

import ftrack_api

session = ftrack_api.Session()

active_projects = session.query(
    'select name from Project where status="active"'

    'select name from Project where status is "active"'
).then((response) => {

curl  -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"  \
-H 'ftrack-api-key:4b5c2d64-1fdb-11e7-af7f-f23c91e05852' \
-H 'ftrack-user:[email protected]' \
--data '[{"action": "query", "expression": "select  name from Project where status=active"}]'

Extend with Actions

‘Actions’ enable users to extend ftrack Studio’s functionality via custom processes that can be triggered by a click of the button. Automate repetitive tasks, generate reports, edit metadata, batch import/export and much more.

Unlimited flexibility with Workflows

Tailor ftrack Studio to the way you like to work, whatever your industry or project. Customize folder structures, custom entities, approval steps and much more with Workflows.

Protecting your assets


The confidentiality of your content is of critical importance. We continually strive to reinforce our cybersecurity measures and regularly undergo third-party cybersecurity audits to ensure online resilience.

Keeping your content safe

We know that your most-prized asset is the content that you create. From best-practice compliance to in-house training, we ensure all processes protect the critical confidentiality of your content and meet the high bar for security that we set for ourselves.

Trusted by award-winning studios

Anthony Bloor

Creative Director of CG, MPC

“Post-production can be unpredictable, but ftrack helps to turn chaos into something that everyone involved on a production can easily understand…and enjoy.”

Druanna Pegg

Digital Asset & Media Manager, CBS Studios Late Night Cartoons

“ftrack can automate workflows and improve production efficiency better than any other option currently available to the industry.”

Austin Meyers

Director of Post-Production, Steelhead

“ftrack is absolutely beautiful to work with. It pulls everything together, intertwining people, the tools they use and the schedules they follow so perfectly.”

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