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real-time media review in ftrack.

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Real-time synchronized media review in ftrack

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Speed up your feedback cycles with synchronized video review and approval. Add feedback, sketch an idea, or skip through a video. Whether your collaborators are across the office or halfway around the world, they will see the same frame at the same time, in high resolution, with full-speed playback.


Sync is free for up to two simultaneous users in ftrack Review and ftrack Studio. To increase the number of simultaneous users, try the ftrack Review Pro add-on.

Lennín Mireles


“ftrack Review significantly reduces the time spent reviewing with clients on every deliverable. For any studio with the same kind of throughput as LMCad, a solution like ftrack Review is a total necessity.”

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Put collaboration and communication at the heart of every interaction

Real-time sync keeps everyone in the frame. Participants can be confident they’re seeing the same feedback at the same time.

No more mixed messages, misunderstandings, or mistakes

Responsive, accurate, and confusion-free. Add seamless real-time annotations on 1080p video and 8192×8192 px imagery. (Increase with Review Pro.)

Compare and contrast versions with ease

Compare two versions of the same asset side by side or in overlay. See what works, and what doesn’t – then communicate it in sync.

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Work synchronously or asynchronously

Working in the same time zone? Jump into a synchronous session. If you can’t link up, add feedback for participants when they’re able to join.

Easy access for your clients

No installation, no technical knowledge required, and no nonsense. Just dive in via your browser and start reviewing in sync.

Danny Jones

Director, CPL Creative Labs

“Time is money. Anything we can do to create efficiencies in the process and deliver a better product is invaluable. That’s precisely what ftrack helps us to do at CPL.”

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The ftrack Review Pro add-on

Boost your review cycles. Review Pro increases maximum simultaneous sync participants to 10, total storage to 500 GB, and maximum video resolution to 2160p (4K).


The Review Pro add-on is available for both ftrack Review and ftrack Studio workspaces.

Try synchronized media review and approval in ftrack




* Billed annually


Maximum 2 simultaneous people

Review Pro add-on
Maximum 10 simultaneous people

Total storage

250 GB

Review Pro add-on
500 GB

Maximum resolution

Up to 1080p

Review Pro add-on
Up to 2160p (4K)

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