Manage your 2D animation with ftrack

Faster turnaround on 2D projects – understand your project progress at a glance, even when working with thousands of assets.

Druanna Pegg

Digital Asset & Media Manager, Late Night Cartoons

“In our experience, ftrack can automate workflows and improve production efficiency better than any other option currently available to the industry.”

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See your project at a glance

Keep track of your entire 2D project and its tasks, without hassle.

Manage assets with ease

Version management that keeps you on top of production.

Connect your team

Collaborate, communicate, and share ideas across your studio.

Planning & scheduling

Plan your entire 2D production from start to end

Plan what your team should be working on and when. Tackle every day knowing exactly which shots and sequences you’re working on, and set deadlines and milestones to keep your team on track.

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Production tracking

Track every asset, animation and character

Manage versions and ensure everyone’s working on the right elements of a character and animation. ftrack stores the entire history of work on a shot, so everyone knows what’s been done, and what’s needed next.

Media review

Review animation

Quickly discuss and review the latest versions of animation with clients. When it’s good to go, they simply hit approve!

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Artist friendly

Seamlessly connect artists with producers

ftrack makes it easy for artists and freelancers to quickly dive into the flow of production, via a clean, easy-to-understand UI designed with productivity front of mind.

What our 2D animation customers say

Mikael Lindbom

CEO, Dockhus Animation

“It’s undeniably fun to drag a task from In Progress to Done.”

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Marcin Wasilewski

Director and co-owner, GS Animation

“ftrack helped a lot. Without it these projects wouldn’t be possible to control.”

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Brian Maffitt

Technical Director, Late Night Cartoons

“ftrack adds up to much less time wasted on unnecessary back and forth.”

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