Track production on feature film VFX

From big budget blockbusters to indie darlings, ftrack scales to your production’s needs

Gareth Pearce

VFX Coordinator, Cinesite

“Working with ftrack is the only way we’d be able to work on projects as complex as we have done.”

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Know your project inside out

See entire productions via one interface.

Follow every asset

Follow every sequence, shot, and asset.

Automate and simplify

Customize ftrack using our API.


Stay connected with your team

Whether you’re working with a small, in-house team or collaborating across multiple global facilities, ftrack keeps everyone on the same page.

Planning & scheduling

Plan and track

Reduce complexity. ftrack cuts through the noise via team planning, scheduling tools, and version management that keeps you on top of every asset’s status.

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Pipeline ready

Integrate and customise

ftrack integrates with core feature film VFX tools like Maya, Nuke Studio, and Adobe Creative Cloud right out of the box. If you want to build your own integrations or automate fiddly processes, you can – discover ftrack’s open-source API.

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Artist friendly

Guide your artists

ftrack makes it easy to set tasks for artists, discuss next steps, provide clear feedback, and keep a steady stream of work flowing through your VFX production.

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Your security is our key concern

We understand the importance of keeping your projects secure. Follow the link to take a look at ftrack’s cybersecurity measures and to learn how we keep your content safe.

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What our feature film customers say

Michele Sciolette

CTO, Cinesite

“ftrack allowed us to keep pace with Otto Bathurst’s imagination!”

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Michael Perdew

VFX Producer, Luma Pictures

“ftrack serves as the backbone for all of our version quality control.”

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Dominik Zimmerle

VFX Supervisor, Trixter

“With ftrack we can tackle complex VFX in galactic projects without breaking a sweat.”

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Simplified VFX production. Try ftrack for free.