Project management for visual effects and post-production

Make ftrack the backbone of your pipeline. Whatever the size and complexity of your VFX project, ftrack’s deeply customizable production tracking platform will bring it across the finish line.

Anthony Bloor

Creative Director of CG, MPC

“ftrack turns chaos into something that everyone can easily understand.”

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Schedule and track

Create high-level plans and track every aspect of your production from start to finish.

Review media

No more confusing email chains! Bring clarity to your feedback and reduce iterations.


Automate workflows and tailor the platform to your way of working – discover ftrack’s API.

Planning & scheduling

Scalable visual effects production

Plan a course through your project. Whether it’s a few simple scenes or an intricate thousand-shot production, ftrack scales to your needs.

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Production tracking

Follow every shot and asset

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets. ftrack makes things easy via a clean, accessible UI that details the history of all work on a project in an easily accessible space.

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Work with the tools you love

ftrack integrates with the most popular content creations tools today, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Maya, Nuke, Cinema 4D and more.

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Pipeline ready

Customize and automate

ftrack is completely open source and deeply customizable. Do you have a specific need that ftrack doesn’t address out of the box? Jump in and get coding!

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What our VFX & post-production customers say

Austin Meyers

Director of Post-Production, Steelhead

“ftrack is beautiful to work with. It pulls everything together, intertwining people, the tools and their schedules.”

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Clement Poulain

Pipeline TD, dupe vfx

“We integrate ftrack very closely with the core of the dupe vfx pipeline – it links everything together.”

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Damien Bataille

Head of VFX, Eight VFX

“ftrack removes the possibility for anyone to be ‘lost’ on a project and accelerates everything we do.”

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