An introduction to ftrack Connect


Join Lorenzo, our in-house plugins expert, to learn all about ftrack Connect. We’ll take a close look at how to use ftrack Connect to launch your favourite creative apps, from Nuke and C4D to Unreal and Unity, how to publish assets, and more.

About the webinar

If you’re interested in learning more about ftrack Studio plugins and how to use them, this is the webinar for you!

Join Lorenzo Angeli as he discusses the ftrack Connect package application and how it’s used to launch the DCC plugins available with ftrack Studio. He’ll run through ftrack Connect from top to bottom, reveal how to install and launch our plugins, and discuss how to use them in your daily workflow. Not to be missed!

  • Get an introduction to the ftrack-connect-package application
  • Dive deep into ftrack Connect’s features and learn how to publish and launch applications
  • Learn all about the DCC plugins we offer
  • Receive a high-level introduction to the plugins and what they do
  • Discover where to find logs and the other useful information

Your webinar hosts

Vitaly Kobyashev

Regional Sales Manager, EMEA
ftrack UK

Lorenzo Angeli

Pipeline Solutions Architect

Unreal Engine and Unity plugins available now

Discover real-time project management for real-time projects. Put your finger on the pulse with ftrack Studio’s integrations with Unreal Engine and Unity.

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About ftrack

ftrack is the creator of the project management platform ftrack Studio and media review platforms ftrack Review and cineSync. ftrack’s goal is to help creatives work more collaboratively and efficiently, wherever their teams are based.

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