FMX Live 2021 Q&A: Creating From Home


At FMX’s first-ever online conference in May 2021 we discussed Creating From Home with Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull, Dr. Diana Arellano, Kate Gabriel, and Hugo Guerra. Watch the webinar and live Q&A below.

About the webinar

Working from home has become standard operating procedure, thanks to COVID-19 prompting many companies to recognize that technology and workflows can survive a distributed, remote employee set up. But what does WFH mean for the individual creative? Can designers, visual effects artists, animators, supervisors, directors, and more still communicate effectively without ever being in the same room?

That’s what we discussed in our workshop at 2021’s virtual FMX conferenceCreating From Home: How to overcome creative challenges when working remotely. Watch the webinar and live Q&A below, where creative professionals accustomed to working (and creating) from home answer audience questions.


Dr. Diana Arellano
CGI-Development Chapter Lead and Scrum Master

Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull

Kate Gabriel
3D Artist, Chair ACM SIGGRAPH London

Hugo Guerra
Director, Supervisor, Hugo’s Desk

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