How I set up a creative studio

Challenges, successes and mythbusting


Marc Morissette started Cluster Films in January 2015 as a one-stop-shop for high-end visual effects production. In this webinar, Marc reveals how Cluster came to be, from initial idea through to successful studio. Join him as he charts the journey from start-up to profitable creative studio, giving tips, advice, and insight along the way.

About the webinar

Marc Morissette joins us to reveal how he set up a full-service creative studio from the ground up. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Marc will run through his own experiences setting up his visual effects company Cluster Films and guide you on the basic principles of setting up your own studio—from choosing the right personnel through to establishing a robust pipeline.

This webinar is great for company founders and budding artists seeking to learn the checklist of what’s needed for a successful company launch. Marc will touch upon the challenges you may face and how he overcame them and answer any questions that you may have.

If you’re interested in learning more about setting up a VFX company, please read Marc’s guide on Starting a VFX company: the survival toolkit for further tips on getting started.

Please note this webinar will be recorded and will be made available to all who sign-up.

Your webinar hosts

MARC Morissette

Marc Morissette

VFX Supervisor, Cluster Films

Bryan Hay

Bryan Hay

Head of Americas Sales, ftrack

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