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Join us on a deep dive into ftrack media review workflows: client, internal, coast-to-coast, and continent-to-continent. We’ll cover each review experience and how they’re tailored to benefit your unique creative projects.

About the webinar

In this webinar, Rory and Erik from ftrack will talk through ftrack’s review solutions and reveal how each is uniquely attuned to different challenges. They will discuss the workflows and situations where different media review approaches can aid with different types of creative collaboration. Join us to go deep with ftrack Studio, ftrack Review, and cineSync, and discover why a one-size-fits-all solution isn’t the answer to media review.

  • What media review is, how it works, and who it works for
  • Why different industries, companies, and projects all require a specific approach to media review
  • What tools ftrack creates, and which industries, companies, and projects they cater to
  • Why security, high-quality review sessions, and remote workflows DO go hand in hand
  • How to make the most out of your remote review sessions and boost your creative feedback cycles.

Your webinar hosts

About Rory McGregor

Rory McGregor is General Manager of ftrack Australia. Rory previously worked as Head of Studio Services at the South Australian Film Corporation and as CEO of Cospective (formerly Rising Sun Research), where he helped develop and launch the review tool cineSync and lead it to industry-wide success. ftrack acquired Cospective in 2019.

About Erik LaPlant

Erik LaPlant is Product Support Specialist at ftrack. Based in LA, he works with ftrack users to ensure they receive an excellent media review experience. Erik has worked at Luma Pictures, Rhythm & Hues, Framestore, and Riot Games, where he helped manage film, TV, commercial, and animated productions. He joined ftrack in 2018.

About Bryan Hay

Bryan Hay is Head of Sales Americas at ftrack. He leads North, Central, and South America’s direct enterprise and channel sales teams. Before joining ftrack, Bryan worked as Sales Manager at Foundry for four years, and prior to that, he spent six years growing sales with enterprise M&E business at Autodesk. Bryan joined ftrack in 2019.

About ftrack

ftrack is the creator of the project management platform ftrack Studio and media review platforms ftrack Review and cineSync. ftrack’s goal is to help creatives work more collaboratively and efficiently, wherever their teams are based.

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